This week’s new JLO shoe styles

Patrice (in Salmon)
JLO Shoes - Patrice (Salmon)
Patrice (in Gold)
JLo Shoes - Patrice (Gold)
Patrice (in Black)
JLO Shoes - Patrice (Black)
Patrice (in Silver)
JLo Shoes - Patrice (Silver)
Lianne (in Black Satin)
JLo Shoes - Lianne (Black Satin)
Lianne (in Silver Satin)
JLo Shoes - Lianne (Silver Satin)
Nina (in Black Suede)
JLo Shoes - Nina (Black Suede)

One Response to “This week’s new JLO shoe styles”

  1. MARGARETH says:

    Hi my name is Margareth and I would like to know it you can tell me how to find the boots that JLO wears in the video hold me down. There furry upto the knee area and lace up with a wedge platform. Please let me Know Thank you.