Lopez wishes she could tour

Jennifer Lopez has one ambition left for her successful music career – to have the time to tour her music.

As Lopez combines her recording career with a successful second life as a movie star – as well as side projects involving fashion and cosmetics – Lopez never has the time to go on the road and take her music to the masses.
She says: “Because of my movie career I haven’t toured much. I haven’t really had the pleasure of really performing for my fans and touring and stuff like that.”

16 Responses to “Lopez wishes she could tour”

  1. Sebastian says:

    Well, at least the remember that she have fans (included me) that wants to watch her and listen her on live.

  2. Brit says:

    Hope J.lo does tour soon! Hopefully in England this time as well thou! Would be the best concert ever, I reckon she should do it at Leeds Castle!! Or off course Wembley!! But Leeds Castle would be great!

  3. Lucylover1986 says:

    This summer would be perfect. She’s done with Bordertown, and she’ll have finished shooting The Singer w/ Marc Anthony. She can put out a Greatest Hits album in May and the go on a Greatest Hits tour! Like it’ll happen but I can dream. My mom even has said to me to give up hope of ever seeing her in concert.

  4. Jenny_Lo says:

    OMG! I want her to have a tour badly!
    Hopefully in Atlanta becuase I live in Georgia. But she woulden’t come all the way down here 🙁
    My mom said when she has another tour she would take me!

  5. lux says:

    She said this in an interview with “Extra” this past week. I have it on my TiVo, and I’m going to try to get it capped and uploaded to the site soon.

  6. Quinton Allen says:

    I would love for her to come to Nashville and perform at the Gaylord Entertainment Center she would draw alot of press here. I would be first in line to buy tikets. Please Jennifer go on tour pleeease!!!

  7. Linda says:

    I have been wanting to see Jennifer on tour for a very long time. I wish she would find time to tour in the near future. I would be the first one in line to purchase tickets!!!

  8. Jenny says:

    well damnit woman, tour!!!!!!!!! take a break from the movies and stuff, and tour. i would be happy.

  9. Kevin says:

    for real just tour I’ll be there every one has done it!!!! Come on Jen

  10. nowandthen says:

    I would love to see J-LO tour and will be the first one in line to buy tickes, but I doubt if that will happen. We must face the fact that she is the type of recording artist that does not really give that many “live” performances.

  11. Ed says:

    OMG I really hope that Jenny Lo finds the time to tour. I have been dying to see her live. She should do it now when she is still young and has the energy to dance her ass off on stage. She should just do just like a month of nonstop touring in big cities like NYC, LA, Houston, Atlanta, etc. Well that’s my two cents.

  12. zakes says:

    well i guess will just have to wait and see if she tours or not, but guys don’t you think jlo would make great bond girl i saw on the news that the are currently searching for a bond girl for the 007 “casino royale”

  13. Kotikova Natalia says:

    It’d be great if you have a world-wide tour!
    But I want very much you come to Europe!!!
    West, east – no matter!
    Of course it’d be cool if you come to the east Europe! There are a lot of your fans! Don’t doubt! (Includes me of course!) 🙂
    Come on Jenny!!!
    We are waiting for you!!!

  14. SCORPIO says:

    well if she ever has time to tour…….im there…….in front row…..

  15. Newton says:

    Jennifer has definately missed her chance to tour. Touring after her 2nd album would have been perfect, I mean, she did put on a good (if over the top) show in Puerto Rico but she doesn’t have an album to tour behind and who knows if her next album will do well? And a greatest hits album?! One of my biggest pet peeves is artists releasing a greatest hits album too soon. 4 albums is not enough! Same goes to Britney, Hilary, BSB, and NSYNC!!

  16. joe thompson says:

    i cant wait til j.lo does her tour i mean its not as if she will not sell it out, it would be massive, i would love it, she needs to do a tour for her loyal fans in london, it would be wicked