New JLO shoes available at

J Lo - Women's Casual

Vanessa (in Turquoise/Gold)
J Lo - Vanessa (Turquoise/Gold) - Women's
(also available in Black/Gold & Grey/Silver)

Denice (in Gold)
J Lo - Denice (Gold) - Women's
(also available in Black, Silver, & Bronze)

Jenni (in Pink)
J Lo - Jenni (Pink) - Women's
(also available in Gold, Pewter, & Silver)

Velocity Suede (in Camel Suede)
J Lo - Velocity Suede (Camel Suede) - Women's
(also available in Black Suede)

Ela (in Gold Leather)
J Lo - Ela (Gold Leather) - Women's
(also available in Black Leather & Silver Leather)

Zappos is a great online shoe store with free shipping. Since not everyone has stores around them that carry JLO (including me, so I buy from Zappos), we’ll try to keep you updated on what’s available online.

They also offer free exchanges if you buy the wrong size.

6 Responses to “New JLO shoes available at”

  1. Joy1282 says:

    Thanks for sharing. I noticed that has been beautiful deeply discounted JLO Handbags. I also did some outlet shopping this weekend and got several pieces of JLO jewelry at Burke’s Outlet for 1/2 off. I am really excited to see the JLO brand available to more and more people! 🙂

  2. paloma says:

    jlo has good shoe style!! 🙂

  3. Love J.Lo cost a thing says:

    It’s very beautiful shoe.!!!!!!! I like it.

  4. tatianna says:

    jlos the best im going to buy all your stuff.

  5. ravinder says:

    jlo has the best shoes in get right

  6. nioneshka says:

    i love your shoes