JENNIFER LOPEZ had a tough time as a dancer on the set of the hit 1990s comedy show IN LIVING COLOR – series star JAMIE FOXX claims she was often mocked by her colleagues.

After winning a role as a Fly Girl on the comedy show, Lopez soon started to have negative experiences, according to Foxx.

He tells Blender magazine, “(Jennifer was) very ambitious. Very tough. People s**t on her a lot on In Living Color. They were tough on her. They made fun of her, made her cut her hair.

“And she said, ‘I’m gonna make it.’ She took the bumps and bruises and look at her now.”


  1. Georgie says:

    Yeh well they are probably in the dumps now, its all karma

  2. -@_miis- says:

    People who tend to put others people down and make them feel low is because their not happy and or insecure about themselves! They knew Jennifer was good-a great dancer, Im glad she expierenced “tough times”, it only made her a wiser,stronger,and beter person today!! All I have to say is look at her now!!! She has it all! I bet most of the people on “In living color” that mocked her dont have half of what she has, nore ever will!I LOVE JENNIFER! SHES THE BEST!! She sets a great example of always being able to love more then once and gives a great examples for hispanic people today in our day and age! This is one of her biggest fans and i feel that sometimes you have to go through situations in life such as this one to becomne a better person!

  3. Nancy says:

    They made fun of her all they wanted, but hey Jen came out on top, and now they’re nowhere
    YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  4. Snurpy09 says:

    I like people like Jennfier who keep a stong and tough mine and a kind heart. She has that effect and rythm in her mine and soul. I like how she keeps on pushing hard and harder on doing what she is doing in life. It seems like she takes all the negative remarks as positive ones because im glad to see where she is now. I personally think that winnig an oscar wont make her any different then what she is today. She will always be jenny from the block. But if some people think that she needs to get rid of the life and the fashion designing and stuff to be accounted of being able to win an oscar, well then i think that she needs to just show them what she has even if she is into other things.

  5. matty3w says:

    Food for thought, Snurpy09, esp. what you said about Jennifer’s “extra-curricular” activities. I feel that if Jen herself is aiming for an Oscar, more power to her! Her husband Marc is also a good actor imho, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them together in their film about singer Hector Lavoe 😉

    I also wanted to say that I’ve noticed how Jamie Foxx has spoken so positively about Jen in a couple of interviews. Very cool..

  6. kira says:

    I saw Jen on In Living Color last night. While dancing they seem to always put her in the back.
    I guess that was a sign that they treated her badly. But then the next show they had her up front and center and she was great. I think that this season she was the lead dancer in the group.