Jennifer asks Thom for some help around the house

Jennifer Lopez has asked Queer Eye For The Straight Guy star Thom Felicia to decorate her new home.

The Latin beauty, who recently bought the new Long Island pad with husband Marc Anthony, has called in the services of the hit makeover show’s ‘design doctor.’

As well as appearing on the show, Thom has his own interior design company, Thom Filicia Incorporated, and was once voted one of House Beautiful magazine’s Top 100 American Designers. – Bang Showbiz

15 Responses to “Jennifer asks Thom for some help around the house”

  1. paloma says:

    Is her house in Long Island, New York?

  2. Nancy says:

    No, I think it’s in California

  3. livie says:

    idk i hope cuz thats where im form

  4. brittany says:

    yea she has a house in long island and in california.. shes asking thom to help her with her long island home though

  5. paloma says:

    If she is livie, you are very very lucky.

  6. justine says:

    why does she need help with her long island home isnt it allready pretty?

  7. Nancy says:

    Does anyone have a picture of her house or something ’cause I really want to see it

  8. liz says:

    what would ya do if by any how jenny move near?

  9. me says:

    this syt needs UPDATING!!.

  10. paloma says:

    Does any one kno where in long island, I WANT TO KNOW!!

  11. lper says:

    please would you to put aspecial of jennifer in mtv and artist of month in htv

  12. kirsty says:

    plez update

  13. zakes says:

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  14. zaana says:

    cant u ask jlo to cum to SA?

  15. andrea says:

    JLO should tour in PE!!