Various Jennifer Lopez Stories


JENNIFER LOPEZ’s diva reputation is just a showbiz fabrication designed to drum up publicity for the star, according to her ex-husband CRIS JUDD.

The dancer insists he never witnessed any of her famed demands during their eight month marriage, and still holds a great respect for the entertainer.

But he admits the OUT OF SIGHT star’s reputation made him nervous about meeting her on the set of music video LOVE DON’T COST A THING.

He says, “I heard stories about her before I met her, but I think her management had a lot to do with promoting that image.”


I Just Met a Girl Named J. Lo
Los Angeles, September 29 – Jennifer Lopez’s West Side Story took place in Santa Monica on Thursday, when she debuted her J. Lo clothing line with a fashion show at the 23rd Macy’s Passport AIDS fundraiser. In typically understated style, dancers shimmied on the stage in front of a giant backdrop, and Jenny from the block wore a floor-sweeping gown as she walked down the runway at show’s end for her designer’s bow.

Then, she jumped into a front row seat next to husband Marc Anthony, and the two had a ball pointing and laughing at the child models dancing and tumbling in the Mattel Hot Wheels fashion show.

Judd: ‘J.Lo was the love of my life’

The former husband of Jennifer Lopez finds it impossible to get a girlfriend – because he is still in love with the Latina singer/actress.

Dancer Cris Judd split from the Monster-In-Law star after eight months of marriage in June 2002 and has been unable to hold down a serious relationship since, claiming no one can live up to his old flame.

6 Responses to “Various Jennifer Lopez Stories”

  1. liper says:

    hello hello all the fans of jennifer lopez, i stayed watching a making of jennifer of be new fragance LIVE ,she has all of the dancing talent whit eduardo verastegui here in peru , when are you leaving be fragance in RIPLEY shoping center be publicity in the televition i be happy and sexi¡i wouldnt miss it for anything ! ¡ i swear il! im really is sexi the publicity thanyou for comprention

  2. Linda says:

    Who can live up to Jlo?

  3. Nancy Scrima says:

    I thought that Jennifer and Cris should have stayed together because they were a hot ass couple. But sometimes things happen and you’re going to have to accept that.

  4. kay says:

    Great site. May I ask where you got the Font from at the top of your page. It ROKS.

  5. Becky says:

    Jlo definitely should have been faithful to Cris Judd. I do not understand her ambivilance. She has been married twice without thinking of the consequences. Now she is married to Marc Anthony just a few months after her breakup with Ben Affleck. I read where she stated that Ben was her soul mate. All of her previous loves cannot be her soul mates. Marriage is sacred. We take an oath before God to love our spouse in sickness and in health, until death do us part. I love Jennifer’s talent as a singer, dancer, actress and entrepreneuer. But she jumps into relationships or marriage so easily. Something is very wrong with that picture. I pray and hope that her last marriage will last. But it seems to be on the rebound for both of them. Marc was married to the most beautiful lady in the universe, and he also married her (Dayanara Torres) twice. How could he so hastily divorce her to marry Jennifer. Here is another talent that makes hasty decisions. I do hope they last for each other’s sake. People do not realize that in a divorce, a lot of people are affected, not just the people in the realtionship. The reason is that marriage is sacred and should be taken very seriously. Marriage was instituted by God himself and not man. Our life is not our own. We belong to our heavenly Father for his honor and glory. May we all learn from these lessons and make wise decisions in our lives.

  6. daniel says:

    I adore and love the kind of music you do.keep it up and you would go places.