JLo spews fragrance with the scent of baby’s head

London – It seems that Latino beauty Jennifer Lopez is giving vent to her maternal instincts by coming up with a perfume that smells like the top of a baby’s head.

The beauty, who has just launched a new fragrance called ‘Live’, revealed that perfume bosses wanted to know about the kind of scents that appeal to her and she immediately thought of it.

“They were like, ‘Let’s get specific, what smells intrigue you right now?’ and I was like, ‘Well, babies. The smell of a babies head, you know, the way the top of their heads smell,'” JLo was quoted by Femalefirst, as saying.

“Then I think I said warm yellow cake and a redcurrant candle I had at home, and they went away to experiment with those things and see what they could come up with,” she added.

However, Lopez is quick to point out that no babies went into the bottle.

She added in an interview with Britain’s You magazine: “None! None, please, please, I don’t need those kind of accusations about babies. No babies went into that bottle!” (ANI)

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    I presonal love j.lo style, music and i’m glad that she found someone she feels sexy with it’s a good thing for her and her new hubby. She very comfortable in her on skin like i am in mine. Trust me there will be haters here and there trying to put u down because they no that they can’t get there right now. so that way i love her because she’s on top of her game always and foever. 40years old going on to 20 years old.