Lopez Fired Manager Who Told Her To Look Like Locklear

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ once fired her manager because he ordered her to diet, something the voluptuous star was determined never to do.

The MAID IN MANHATTAN actress was appalled when the unfortunate manager told her to aim to look like slender SPIN CITY beauty HEATHER LOCKLEAR.

Lopez says, “At the beginning, when I first started doing music and movies I think I had this attitude that I didn’t have to be like anyone else. I didn’t have to conform to being very thin.

“I had this manager who was very critical of my shape, he felt that everyone should look like Heather Locklear – thin and blonde. I fired him.”

From Contact Music

6 Responses to “Lopez Fired Manager Who Told Her To Look Like Locklear”

  1. jarekch says:

    “Look like Heather Locklear”, like 2×6, LOL, was he out of his mind? Jennifer was right to fire him, her shapes are OK! I’m just wondering sometimes, why she is getting involved with idiots? She must have bad luck in this area or something.

  2. paloma says:

    you go jennifer!!

  3. kirsty says:

    you go girl!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jamez says:

    go J.Lo!!!!!!
    u are perfect like u are!

  5. brittany says:

    she doesnt get involved with idiots.. obviously she has great managment

  6. jarekch says:

    Oh yeah, sure, this bull… you can sell to small children. Brittany, if she has great management, how do you explain people complaining to the Press even for not being paid for their job? I’m not going to mention about other things because it’s not worth it anymore. This doesn’t make J.Lo a good employer or even businessman, isn’t it?
    Why so many people that I came across who had something to do with J.Lo in the past just hate her?