Video: “Feelin’ So Good” Live on SNL

Just posting some items we’ve never capped. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lopez ft. Fat Joe – “Feelin’ So Good” Live on SNL – SVCD/3:40/53.7MB

If there’s enough requests in comments, an MP3 of the performance will follow.

21 Responses to “Video: “Feelin’ So Good” Live on SNL”

  1. O says:

    u cant download it!!! 🙁

  2. Simo says:

    It looks great!!! :):)

    Thanks for sharing guys I’d love it in MP3

  3. Catch says:

    oh, that’s a sad news… feelin’ so good is my favorite JLo song of all time… 🙁

  4. D says:

    Yes u can…

  5. Farbud says:

    when was it ?

  6. J.Lo's-Gya1 says:

    The file doesnt seem 2 work…what is up with it?

  7. Eva says:

    thanks for this video!!! I love it!!! I just found about your site and so many videos were posted here!!! woow!! If u can could u post mtv diary of j.lo and rise & rise of her? Please I would like to see it very much.. ohh and maybe there’s something from j.lo u are lookin for.. maybe somehow I got!! Once again lovin your site!! see ya

  8. crazyboyms says:

    i need love dont cost a thing at bambi awards

  9. sandy says:

    MP3 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    = )

  10. CzarCastic says:

    The link works fine. If you’re having trouble accessing it from the main page, try clicking on it from the comments page (this one).

    Eva: if MTV would ever re-run them.

  11. zakes says:

    hey guys when was this was it this year or what?????????????????

  12. CzarCastic says:

    Of course it wasn’t this year. She hasn’t done SNL at all this year, nor would she be singing old songs. This is from February 5, 2000.

  13. o says:


  14. paloma says:

    I love all the clips!!!!

  15. paloma says:

    i loved it !! I’m so glad we can look at the video clip.

  16. Maggia says:

    pictures look OK 🙂 but the clip doesn’t seem to work 🙁

  17. paloma says:

    Make sure you installed a system that lets you look at the video clip, if you didn’t thats probaly the problem or your not clicking save and openfile

  18. mizou says:

    l want have it please send it to me

  19. Luigi says:

    Cool!!! MP3 please!!

  20. Charmedone says:

    Omg this is so cool!!! thanks

  21. masoud says:

    i’m saw it.jennifer very nice in the clip!!