Lopez And Anthony To Star In Movie

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed she will star alongside third husband MARC ANTHONY in upcoming movie WHO KILLED HECTOR LAVOE?

The Latino singer will take the lead role of Hector Lavoe – the man who brought salsa music to the US in 1975 – while Lopez will play his onscreen wife.

She says, “It’s the story of a singer and I’ll play his wife.”

Lopez had previously ruled herself out of starring in the movie when she bought the rights last year (04).

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25 Responses to “Lopez And Anthony To Star In Movie”

  1. jarekch says:

    Cool, just make sure to get it done really good. Make critics look stupid.

  2. mizou says:

    jennifer lopez best singer and actrice and l wait in tunisia her new song video

    wwee love you jlo

  3. Lourdes says:

    I was wondering why Marc Anthony was looking so much like Hector Lavoe these days. I guess that’s why, he is playing him in this movie. I grew up listening and loving Hector Lavoe’s music. Nothing these days comes close to that era of music. I was sad when we lost him. Christmas was not Christmas without playing the Aires de Navidad, Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe album every day until the vinyl was scratched from wear and tear. I hope the movie does him justice and that those who were close to him are included and consulted for a more accurate rendition. Peace!

  4. Karina Lavoe#1fan says:

    This movie has to be made the best it can. Hector Lavoe Es el cantante de los cantantes. I grew up listening to Hector Lavoe and it would be sad if the movie does not make it. Marc, we believe in you, I love your music I know that you will do a damn good job. Make us latino’s proud. Hector Lavoe eres el rey.

  5. GEORGE says:


  6. Marcela Henao says:

    I am interested in auditioning for the movie, or would like to know if i can be used as an extra.If someone can please contact me with this information, you can send it to my e-mail.
    Thank You

  7. Edwin J Perez says:

    I am really looking forward to seeing this movie. I love JLo and Marc Anthony. I grew up listening to Hector Lavoe, my dad has all his CDs. #1 fan. VIVA PUERTO RICO!!!

  8. alexandra says:

    I’m Dominican and I have been listening to hector lavoe’s music ever since I used to live in the dominican republic in the 70’s. I was always in love with his music because he put his heart to make the best interpretation. He had the ability to sonear and sing at the same time which not every salsa singer can do well these days. I hope peolpe who do not know his sad and happy story and who did not know the singer to go see the movie because it is going to be a hit like Selena. Que viva el cantante! Hector amo tu musica y su forma tan humilde de era.


  9. Jane says:

    Hector was a great singer on stage. I hope this movie stays true to his life. Unfortunately his band leader and members were never interviewed. The intro above states Hector brought Salsa music to the US which is incorrect. This is what scares me about people who tell stories without fully understanding the music. Salsa was already being played where it was created…NYC. The music was Willie Colon’s and the group as a whole. That music was Pan-American sounds developed by Willie and his rhythm section, mixing Plena and Bomba from PR without one SON from Cuba.

  10. Rick says:

    J Lo and Marc Anthony- Hector Lavoe! How Beautiful is that, Lavoe’s music lives on forever. And now the world can see what Lavoe truly gave US- His Love of Music! Hector Lavoe made his dream a reality.
    J Lo and Marc Anthony will bring back a true legend to the wide screen of cinema! Mi Gente- Ustedes….
    Que Viva Hector Lavoe…… Hoy Y para Siempre!

  11. SALSAKID49 says:

    “The man who brought salsa music to the US in 1975”? Get your facts correct….
    As for Hector, He and Willie started performing Latin/Salsa in the late 60’s; Hector’s life was both Fruitful and Sad… His voice was a rare art form, to sing, as a Sonero is a very special form of vocalization… Please, Memo to Marc & Jennifer, Be true to Hector’s life and his Family, and be true to our Puerto Rican culture…, do not sellout…!

  12. maito says:

    i hope they make a good quality movie about the live of worlds most greatest singer. you must be gratefull to be able to take part in this movie.
    porque HECTOR LAVOE esta en los corazones de todo los salseros. y es la voz de la gente del barrio.
    aunce esta en el cielo todavia lo escuchamos!!!!!

  13. Wanda Rivera says:


    CAN’T WAIT!!


  14. Lebronx says:

    when is the movie is coming out and in what movie cinema because hector lavoe is my idol
    i know evrything hector lavoe

  15. Cucho says:

    I grew up in Ponce, I remember back in the days en las 80″s Salinas, Christmas in Villa Edra, Juana Diaz with “Juanchito” Hector Perez and his family que navidades Hector Inspiro one song for 30 minutos. If you was there you remenber that night; Cambrele los muchachos de PONCE, well Ponce High. We hang out together back in the days. Then I joined in the ARMY and Juanchito went to Panama, we spend sometime together en los toldos de Panama, Rio Abajo. We cry together just because Ponce was no there that night.Que en paz dencanse mi pana Juan.

  16. isam says:

    i am realy looking forward for the movie.marc is probably the one and only one who can play the role of hector lavoe

  17. Mike V. says:


    In case anyone is wondering, “sonero” is another word for “improvisationalist”, which indeed is what Lavoe was. He had the ability to ad-lib during performances.

    Many (perhaps all) salsa numbers at some point during the song break into a climactic and hynotic loop where it’s an open free for all and band members can take turns jumping in and improvise with a solo be it with their horns, piano, and percussive instruments.

    Hector did this lyrically, ad-libbing with clever and original lyrics, and precise execution. Marc Anthony has a really powerful voice, however in order to pull this off, he’ll have to do more than sing, he’ll have to impersonate Hector which will be difficult because Lavoe had alot more range (Marc is more of an alto).

    In order for this flick to become a work of art, they need to focus on three things:

    – Marc’s look, they have to do a really good job of making Marc look and act like Hector.

    – Good lip sync and Marc’s part and re-working of Hector’s songs. I’m afraid that if they actually use Marc’s voice, it’s going to sound like another Domingo Quiñones. They need to lip sync. If they remaster the original songs, and make it a little more basey and add a little more power to the original tracks, it’ll sound awesome in the movie theater.

    – Production needs to do research not just on Lavoe, but on salsa and how it exploded into NYC. As part of their research, they should consider interviewing the people who knew Hector best on stage, all of the members of the Fania All-Stars.

    If they focus on these 3 key areas, and if J-LO puts on a powerful performance, I can see this at least being nominated for an academy award.

    Don’t mess this up guys, a movie about Hector has been long overdue, and this is the one and only chance to show the world what Hector gave to the world of Salsa.

    Take your time and plan it carefully. The end result may very well be a work of art that is as equally infinite as the legend.


  18. Joey says:

    I think It’s going to be tough to hit it off, due to the little exposure your average american has of Salsa music. The smart way to go is making sure to focus on that generation that shared the glory of our music with Lavoe. You need to incorporate as much of a setting form that time as possible, kind of like a documentary. What ever you do don’t disrespect his legacy putting focus on the negative!!!! Remember that his music set the tone for many salseros who have come after. The man was truely ahead of his time!!!!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    No matter what some people may say, Hector Lavoe is one of the greatest gifts God has given to Latin music. He was always true to himself and to his country. And, probably because of his short comings and the tragedies that befell him, we loved him all the more. Kudos to Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony who have dared to bring the story of the Cantante de los Cantantes to the screen. We need more artists like these brave actors who can bring stories like this to the public. I love this couple and I am so proud of all their accomplishments and I truly pray that Hector’s story will reach many people who did not have the pleasure of knowing or hearing this man when he was alive. We owe it to the generation that is now coming up. I know both Jennifer and Marc are up to the task and I can’t wait for the movie to be out. Que Dios los Bendiga and Que Viva Puerto Rico y El Cantante de Los Cantantes.

  20. Adrian from E-Town N.J says:

    I have been listening to Hector Lavoes music since I was about 5 years old, I am now 28. It has been a great part of me for most of my life, it has meant different things in many different situations of my life. I can always listen to any of his many masterpieces and feel something that I have never felt with anything before! I have been waiting for this movie for a very long time, I always told myself, even before I found out Marc anthony was playing Hector, that Marc Anthony would play the perfect role. If you can please let me know when the movie will come out and where. Thank you. Much love to Hector Lavoe & much love to Elizabeth N.J.

  21. anthony blanco says:

    Mark Anthony will be nominated for an Oscar for his role in the Hector Lavoe movie and I would not be surpriced if he takes the trophy home.

  22. Junito Crespo says:

    I wish the best for both of them. I even audition for this movie and i guess i didnt make it becuase they havent call me but it was a pleasure meeting Tito Allen and other artist. They ask me what do i want to sing from the audition and i said Frankie Ruiz “Desnudate Mujer” becuase it didnt matter, it didnt have to be from Hector Lavoe so i sang the song. I do admire the greatest Hector Lavoe, I even went to his wake and gave my respect. Well as for now I try to make into the music world because I do love to sing and I do songs from Marc Anthony, El Gran Combo, Frankie Ruiz, Tommy Olivencia, Domenic M, Eddie Santiago, Jery Rivera, Cheo Feliciano, Johnny Rivera, Victor Manuelle, Quayacan, Luis Damon, DLG, Leann Rimes “How Do I Live Without You” etc… I forgot the one and only my causin ELVIS CRESPO new CD coming up this June 2006…

    I want to go to the music world on my own, and hope and pray someone out there will discover my talent. Thank You and GOD Bless…..PEACE

  23. Junito Crespo says:

    To all who read all this article on this page Marc Anthony is Hector Lavoe Nephew…

  24. manny g says:

    when is the movie coming out please info me thanks

  25. Evelyn says: