Sir Paul McCartney’s wife slams Jennifer Lopez’s fur fetish

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has found a new voice in Sir Paul McCartney’s second wife Heather Mills McCartney. And bearing the brunt of the 37-year-old ex-model’s anger is pop star Jennifer Lopez, whose love for fur is well known. The pop star also owns clothing company Sweetface that uses fur in its apparels.

“PETA has tried for years to educate her (Lopez) about fur, at first quietly and now like this. She keeps saying she wants to be educated. So the next stage is I’ll find out where she lives and show up there. And I’ll get a hold of her at her premieres. She needs to find some warmth inside her and penetrate that warmth in her heart,” Heather said on the sidelines of a protest march by PETA at the New York Sweetface office. Lopez has been ruffling the feathers of the anti-fur brigade ever since she appeared for the premiere of her film Maid In Manhattan wearing a £10,000 mink coat.
To bring the plight of animals to the public’s attention, Heather wore a plasma TV airing the videos of animals being skinned alive in China. She and her group left the building only after the building security threatened to call the police.

During the scuffle, Heather’s prosthetic leg came off and she was seen limping. The model lost had her leg in 1993 in an accident involving a police motorcyclist in London. “I saw her limp away from the offices as J Lo’s men were still shouting at her to get out. They were even saying, ‘Call the cops, call the cops’,” media reports quoted a photographer as saying.

Heather was then given support by the photographer, identified as Richard Corkery, to go to a staircase where she could reattach her leg. “I saw her touch her knee and I could see she was in pain. She limped to the ladies room but it was locked. I found another door open. It led on to the stairwell. At least she could have a private moment, which is what she needed,” Corkery said.
The protest is the second one Heather has participated in this week. Earlier on Monday, the police evicted her from the New York office of fashion brand J Crew. There too, she wore a sandwich board that sported a plasma screen TV displaying video clippings of animals being skinned alive in China.

According to Heather, her animal rights activities have the full support of her husband, who accompanied her to PETA event of Sunday. “I talked to Paul today and he’s very proud (of me). Buying anything with fur supports one of the most gruesome industries on the planet,” she said.

From Earth Times

11 Responses to “Sir Paul McCartney’s wife slams Jennifer Lopez’s fur fetish”

  1. marz says:

    I no its really sad and horrible what they do to animals in order to extract their fur but really, get over it bcoz jlo is not the only 1 wearin it so i don’t see why she’s the only 1 gettin slammed 4 it to the extreame. I would b more understandin if they were harrasin p diddy, beyoncé etc coz even though they don’t wear fur as much as jennifer, the bottom line is they still do!

  2. LilDiva_84 says:

    UHHH…is it just me. or has anyone noticed jen hasnt worn fur in like months. Just get over it already!!!

  3. Dan the Man says:

    GET OVER IT!! Jennifer Lopez could wear what ever she wants. People are out there just trying to get something bad out of J.LO. Pamela Anderson, Mc. Cartneys wife, and other J.lo haters if your so worried about animals fur, why do you wear leather clothing. It all comes from animals.The difference is the skin. There probably mad because they cant afford fur and J.LO J.lo keep doing whatever makes you happy. Much Love.

  4. Teak says:

    Personally, I wish Jenn would disaccociate herself with fur completely. Wearing fur isn’t a necessity of life, and I think it would be good for her profile.

  5. exporter_chick06 says:

    OK im a jlo fan BUT having thousands of fur coats,gloves and HANGERS is just too extreme.Im not saying i will never wear fur,BUT she needs to lighten up shes not in alaska!!!!!shes not gonna freeze to death!!!

  6. sonia says:

    Jennifer Lopez i have to admit is a fantastic singer/actress etc, she is a role model to not hundreds or thousands but MILLIONS of people WORLDWIDE, and so if she wears fur, her fans and admirers WILL ALSO WEAR FUR, because they wanna copy her style!
    This high demand for pimped out mink coats, fox fur ponchos and rabbit skin boots will only mean that more and more animals will be killed, and lets be honest guys, it aint pain free! Why do you think PETA are tottaly OBSESSIVE about her fur collection? the fur industry is a extremely crel, most animals are treated like rubbish before finally being made into a coat/scarf/pair of shoes or wateva.
    The reason why j.lo is being targeted more than anyone else is because she is a very high profile a-list celebrity who influences millions of people around the world, if j.lo wears fur so will another million people, and another billion or so animals will be caught and killed, for the sake of a pricey coat.
    In her ”hold you down” video practically EVERYTHING she wore was fur, even her eyelashes! Now guys im not hatin on her but thats just taking things too far, i mean she can afford any mascara on the planet, why opt for fox fur? Itz insane.
    And lets clear the whole leather thing up. Leather is a by-product of the meat industry. When a cow is killed for beef, for you and i to eat a burger in mc donalds, the hide is left behind as part of the dead cow. So instead of being wasted its extracted and used to make coats, gloves etc.
    Fur means that animals are soley killed for fashion, their meat is NOT eaten, ANYONE HEARD OF CHINCHILLA STEAK ? LOL whereas if were gonna kill a cow for its meat, then why waste everything else, its friendly and natural! And cows are killed humanely. Some of these animals are skinned alive.
    So j.lo as fabulous as you are, you are being targeted for some very valid reasons.

  7. Rocky G Hurley says:

    It is so important that people make every effort to bring an end to self-serving political hate groups such as PETA. PETA has consistently manifested their amazing ignorance of the needs and habits of all forms of wild and domestic animal life. Who knows what motivates these people. Their silly adventures are no more news-worthy than proclamations from the Ku Klux Klan — which they greatly resemble. All over America, people who love and care about animals need to raise a public outcry against these animal destructive crazies.
    Where exactly were the police while these dangerous nuts were harassing Ms. Lopez? Where are responsible, caring animal-related organizations who could be discrediting the doctored pictures, wild misinformation, and loony bogus videos PETA is always trying to pass around? Oh! I guess that last one was easy — those organizations are busy rescuing lost pets in the hurricane torn Gulf Coast areas.
    If you love animals or if you are a Jennifer Lopez fan or both, do all you can to END PETA.

  8. Carlos says:

    I think their taking this a little to far.. J.lo can wear what ever she wants..

  9. tiny says:

    j.lo can wear whatever she wants she makes her own money! its a free country! people so concerned about her wearing fur why so people wear leather? people always want to bring her down she is strong she will always survive! pamela she needs to clam down with her ass- paul macaurty wifes she really needs a new hobby! more money more problems jlo is unstopable

  10. Rainier says:

    i think Jen should make a statement….

  11. Steve says:

    Enough of all the childish name calling already. if Pam really cares so much about PETA, then challenge JLo to a pay-per-view fight and Pam’s share of the money, which would be a huge fortune she could give to PETA!!!