Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Focus On Children In Hurricane

Jennifer Lopez and her husband, singer Marc Anthony, are encouraging their fans to help Hurricane Katrina’s littlest victims by joining them in donating to the Children’s Health Fund’s Operation Assist. Jennifer told Entertainment Tonight, “The truth is, the people who are going to be affected the most are frail, are children, are the elderly and (with) this organization, the money goes directly to health care and helping these people and getting them well. They suffer psychological trauma as well, there’s so many things. This is a great, great charity if you’re looking for something to donate to.”
The charity is sending mobile health care units to provide health care for victims of Hurricane Katrina throughout the Gulf region. For more information, log on to

In other news, Jennifer was dragged out onstage by television host Joy Behar, during Marc Anthony’s appearance on ABC’s The View last week. Marc was on the show with his tour-mates, Mexican superstar Alejandro Fernandez and Puerto Rican pop idol Chayanne, when Behar invited the reluctant Jennifer to join them onstage. Behar apparently got up from her seat, went backstage and dragged Jennifer out in front of the audience where the actress smiled, waved, blew kisses and scampered off stage again without saying a word.

From Yahoo! News

15 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Focus On Children In Hurricane”

  1. Courtney says:

    thats so cool jen u rock

  2. Jenny_Lo says:

    I think Jennifer Lopez cares more about everyone then any other singer.
    J.LO RULES!!!!!!

  3. haze says:

    rebirth is nominated for worlds best pop female selling artist at the world music award tonight. i doubt shes gonna win but oh well atleast shes nominated. im glad to see shes still gettin credited for her work. ppl dont realize how good rebirth really is.

  4. Daniel says:

    Jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful Siger/Actress out there. I really think people are very bias when it comes to judging her. She should of won the award for best pop/video. I’ll I know is that J.LO RULES.

  5. olivia says:

    what time is it playing n what channel is it on?

  6. jarekch says:

    ” im glad to see shes still gettin credited for her work. ppl dont realize how good rebirth really is. ”
    Well, what can you do? They’re stupid, LOL.

  7. LUIS says:


  8. babes says:

    Luis, that clip was very nice, thanks for posting it up…..JLo sounds so cute when she speaks spanish, shes like a little kid! Anyway, hopefully they televise that concert here in Canada!

  9. jarekch says:

    This is really good that Jennifer, Marc and other artists made effort to help children affected with this disaster. How about this one: 97.7 FM in GTA, The Loudest, The Greatest Rock Station
    in North America, Today’s exclusive, something extraordinary, Metallica starts: electric with classic guitar solo, then, drums, classic guitar; J.Lo: How can you just say that you love me yet to leave you alone…; Metallica: electric guitar, bass, drums; J.Lo: chorus: Aaaa…I can’t believe this is me…; Metallica and J.Lo Mix,
    NOW all of you can say that she rocks, hehehe.

  10. Javier says:

    HEY!!!.An Unfinished Life is going to be out in my city tomorrow, and I am definently going to watch it. Nobody on here has not yet talked about the movie and hopefully I will see it right after work. 4:00 to be exact!!! ME HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. and the movie got GREAT A+ ratingz…..on….that’s good, and how people are saying JLO did a FANTASTIC JOB, and her new perfume comes out Sept. 28th!! now that’s awesome!!! LOL….I cant wait!!!

  11. Dan the Man says:

    I’am so pleased that all you posting, are supporting J.LO. I’m a huge fan, let’s all stick with J.lo through good and bad. God Bless everyone.

  12. sandy says:

    Can you post the clip of Mark on the View?
    I’m dying to see!!!

  13. zakes says:

    hey jarekch are you saying that the a remix of metallica & jlo that will so cool can you plz find it and post it here in plz

  14. jarekch says:

    Hahaha, Zakes, I made it up, I just waned to show if Jennifer could make one, it could be so cool and new area in music for her to explore and be famous at, and maybe successful, who knows. Like Jennifer sometimes says that she couldn’t know if she didn’t f***’n tried. lol.

  15. me says:

    she is the best actress in the whole world no play she is she the greatest!!!!!!!!