Lopez Puzzled By Huge Panties Hurled At Her Husband

Jennifer Lopez is baffled by the underwear female fans of her husband Marc Anthony throw onstage at his concerts – because they’re not exactly skimpy, sexy items.

The pop superstar often watches Anthony’s shows from the wings and, though she doesn’t mind when lusty fans hurl bras and panties onstage, she does wonder why the lingerie is so big.

She muses, “They’re always like large. I don’t know if they do that on purpose, so it gets there… I’m like, ‘Surely the woman who threw this does not have these things.'”

Lopez admits she has no idea what becomes of the lingerie: “They’re not on the bus with us, that’s for sure.”

From Teen Hollywood

One Response to “Lopez Puzzled By Huge Panties Hurled At Her Husband”

  1. Jenny_Lo says:

    Just plain…..disturbing LOL!