Video: Jennifer on Regis and Kelly

Jennifer on Regis and Kelly – WMV/6:14/18.3MB

From yesterday’s appearance.

One Response to “Video: Jennifer on Regis and Kelly”

  1. Daniel Diaz says:

    Jennifer Lopez is so down to earth and very fabulous. Her style is very impressive and glamorous. I really feel her, she is so real and true when she is on camera,I know that is the way she is out of camera also. All her work in music, movies, production, and anything she lays her hands on is always 110% of her. Im very inspired by her hard work, she’s one of the reasons why I’m attending college now. Her ambission motivates me to want to be successful like her. Thank you Jennifer Lopez for all your talent you give us. I could honestly say your one of the best performers ever. Keep your head up and dont listen to what any negetive minds have to say about you! As long as you keep your family, admires and us your fans happy. That is what I like about you, you dont care what the media says about you. You keep on SHINING.
    your true fan always,

    Daniel Diaz