Video: Jennifer on Letterman

Jennifer on Letterman Part 1 of 2 – DivX/6:18/43MB

Jennifer on Letterman Part 2 of 2 – DivX/5:28/37MB

Note that this requires the DivX codec, available free from DivX is a popular codec for watching videos.

13 Responses to “Video: Jennifer on Letterman”

  1. zakes says:

    wow she looks devine in that dress and i like the way she does her hair

  2. nadioz says:

    Thanks a lot for the Hq video !! i love letterman and Jennifer looked really lovely

  3. Catch says:

    couldn’t i watch the video without DivX?

  4. Jenny_Lo says:

    I WATCHED IT!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

    J.lo was really great and funny on the show.
    But I was hoping she’ll sing at the last part of the show.

  5. lux says:


    Try it. Your computer may already have DivX installed. If it doesn’t work, you can download it (it’s a small file).

    DivX is just how the video is encoded, it’s not a program or anything. You just need a install small file that tells Windows Media Player–or whatever you use to play videos–how to read it.

    DivX is popular because it allows for much higher quality in a smaller file size than .wmv and .rm files.

  6. Javier says:

    Did any of ya watch “An Unfinished Life?” I want to go see it but its in a different city which is far away from me and my peoples dont feel like driving far away for me to watch a Jennifer lopez movie. If ya seened it how was it? I havnt yet read any reviews about this film on here. Holla Back!!!

  7. HELP says:

    i am using windows 98 so i can’t download divx! i wanna watch the video!

  8. Lucylover1986 says:

    In my area, it’s not out yet. They’re just doing another sneak preview tonight. I saw it’s only at 139 theaters total with 285 others just doing a sneak preview again. It’ll open wider next Friday, the 16th.

  9. Catch says:


    How do I know if either my Windows Media Player or Quicktime player reads DivX? And where could I download it for Windows XP?


  10. jloslave says:

    she iğs so perfect.thx god thx.she is so good.but jlo look little she pregnant

  11. CzarCastic says:

    Catch: try and play it. If it doesn’t work, you don’t have DivX. Link to download it is in the news post.

  12. dino says:

    I think it’s awesome that ican see J.lo somewhere!!!
    I was so disapointed when i found out that she ain’t coming to tha vmas… (even though she’s been nominated in four categories).
    I think that “Get Right” was the best dance video of tha past year…
    It’s too bad that J.lo didn’t won any award for “Rebirth”!!!
    Or maybe she did,please tell me!!!
    But for the moment I will watch her on Letterman…
    thank you