Reminder of Upcoming Appearances

9/8: NBC Today Show – 7:00AM
9/8: CBS Late Show with David Letterman – 11:35PM
9/9: ABC Live with Regis and Kelly – 9:00AM

16 Responses to “Reminder of Upcoming Appearances”

  1. FC says:

    Omg why are all the Gossip sites saying Jennifer’s pregnant?

  2. Ron says:

    i hope they rip these for us !

  3. zakes says:

    i really think she’s getting good reviews for AUL, i think she looked nice at the premiere but what’s up with the polla neck top seriuosly guys she needs to dress glomuorous and sexy just like we know her, i mean she’s even on the list of worst makeover in people’s mag, i just don’t like the demure look it makes her look old and the was that cartoon charecter called marc anthony next to her should i say more………………..

  4. Amiis says:

    Jennifer lopez is beautiful!!! Shes my all time favorite no matter who she with! But lately…she hasnt been making me proud!! From the way she dresses to her music, shes just not cutting it for me anymore! And it sucks because im one of her biggest fans!! She needs to go back to her own ways and show everyone that shes STILL the beautiful, sexy, glamoruos Ms. Jennifer Lopez! Ever since she got hitched to Marc it seems like shes trieing to be all senora and cnservative! And i dont like that one bit!! I want the old Jennifer back =[….I’d appreciate if you’d take this comment in consideration and think about it…Thank you!
    One of your biggest fans,

  5. JLOFAN says:


  6. julio says:


  7. Jenny_Lo says:

    J.lo sure has been on The David Letterman Show alot!
    Too bad I missed the other ones with her in them.
    But I’m gonna watch it this time.

  8. Chenelle says:

    I agree, Jennifer is not the same. Shes even losing weight. I still love her though and i always will!!! Please rip the apperances b/c i wont be able to watch 2 of them.

  9. haze says:

    uh well today is the 8th and im watchin letterman….and letterman didnt mention jlo in his list of guests.

  10. Ashley says:

    correction….. jen’s appearance on the tonight show will not air until september 9!!! don’t forget to watch

  11. sandra says:

    Um….you made a mistake….Jenn’s not appearing on Letterman tonight…she’s on tomorrow!

  12. Chenelle says:

    Where IS Jennifer???? Ive stayed up late to watch boring Letterman, even fought off my sleep and shes not there!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO PISSED!!!!!! WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR INFO??????????????

  13. Stasia says:

    I stayed up all night tryna catch that show 2, but i’ll be out of my mind to miss it tonight!!!!!!I hope it is true this time, i really wanna see her cuz i love her betta than any of these fake,so called fans she got!!!!!!!!!!!I will stay up all night every night if i have 2,and i will be on this sight all day 2 kill time, cuz i cant wait, i just wonder wut time will it be on????I LOVE U ‘TIL DEATH JENNIFER!!!!!!! YOUR BIGGEST FAN TO EVA LIVE, ANGRESTASIA. J GROVER

  14. lux says:

    The show starts at 11:35 (eastern time), but the first guest doesn’t come out until about 20-30 minutes into the show.

  15. haze says:

    stasia thats not called being a fan thats called being obsessed

  16. Courtney says:

    um will any of these be re-aired