Lopez, Williams recording reggaeton song

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) Jennifer Lopez was in Puerto Rico this week to record a reggaeton song with rapper-producer Pharrell Williams.
The 37-year-old (sic) singer-actress arrived Tuesday to work on the track, which will be produced by top reggaeton duo LunyTunes, El Vocero and El Nuevo Dia newspapers reported.

Lopez and Williams are the latest U.S. artists to cross over into reggaeton, a mix of Jamaican dancehall, hip-hop and Latin beats that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

Williams forms half of the Grammy-winning production duo The Neptunes with Chad Hugo. N.E.R.D., which fuses hip-hop, rock and funk, is a side project of the duo.

Lopez released her latest album, Rebirth, in March.

16 Responses to “Lopez, Williams recording reggaeton song”

  1. Lucylover1986 says:

    This is cool news. I know they wanted to work together for “Rebirth” but it never worked out. Now I wonder if they’re going to save this song for Jen’s next album or if it’ll be on the next Neptunes CD and if it is they need to make it a single!

  2. Monika says:

    The 37-year-old singer-actress arrived Tuesday to work on the

    wtf? Jennifer is 36…lol

  3. jloslave says:

    yeah this is so good news.jlo next album will be so so perfect

  4. rmjlolover says:

    I cAnT wAiT fOr HeR nEw AlBuM

  5. C says:

    omg…. can’t wait- i love reggaeton it’s hott. i bet the song j.lo is recordin is gonna be hott too.

  6. nowandthen says:

    I adore Jennifer Lopez, and have always bought her albums, but I am going to have to stop if she is not going to tour for us and give more live performances. She says she can’t tour because she is busy with other projects, but I feel she has been a recording artist long enough, and its time for her to meet the obligations that go along with it. I know if she toured her shows would be “fabulous and awesome”, and I would be excited, and look forward to seeing her do this. Come on Jen, please, we are waiting!

  7. dylan says:

    you guys call yourselfs ‘the premier jennifer lopez source’.. ppfff that one flew right out the window when you couldnt even get her age right. SHES 36! and you call yourselves jennifer lopez fans? hahaha my ass you are. if you’d like to rise up to the name you’ve created for yourself, which i have no clue where you got the notion, make sure the ‘news’ you present is accurate.

    Note from site: We aren’t the source of this article. Perhaps you’d like to do some research yourself first: http://www.jlo.net/mt/archives/2005/07/happy_birthday_1.html


  8. haze says:

    must mean shes workin on her spanish album

  9. ashley says:

    i’ve got new story about jen being pregnant…

    Pop superstar Jennifer Lopez has sparked fresh rumours she is expecting her first child after she bought baby clothes during a recent shopping trip in Los Angeles. The Get Right singer, who has spoken of her desire to start a family with third husband Marc Anthony, clearly enjoyed her visit to Petit Tresor, and told staff the tiny outfits were for her. A source tells British newspaper the News Of The World, “J.Lo came in to buy some little outfits. We all presumed it was for a niece or a family friend but she said, ‘It’s for me.’ “She then smiled and carried on looking around before buying some early-learning books.” Britney Spears was spotted in the same shop last month buying outfits for a boy – prompting reports she is expecting a son.
    contact music

    … hopefully it’s true!!!!

  10. marcus says:

    is this gonna be on Jen’s spanish album or on her next english album?

  11. haze says:

    im still pissed at her abandoning “rebirth” i think its f*cked up

  12. Teak says:

    I’ve read rumors all over the net that the new material could be for her Spanish album, a new English album, a re-issue of Rebirth, or a new remix album. And as for Jen telling the staff at that store that the baby clothes are for her: HIGHLY doubtful. She would never tell a bunch a strangers about something that personal and private. She and Marc are very hush hush in regards to their private lives. As for the Spanish album, I’m thinking there are now 2 possibilities:

    1. It won’t be released until sometime next year 🙁 or

    2. It has been put on hold indefinitely 🙁

  13. dino says:

    I think Jennifer and Pharell are so hot!
    This song,i hope,will be another hit for Jlo!!!!!
    But I mean a hit like: Usher’s – yeah,Britney’s – toxic, Beyonce’s – Crazy in love…
    And other great songs that i didn’t said.
    Jennifer Lopez will always be an awesome performer
    and an outstanding artist,wich i really hope will one day win a grammy!!!
    Cuz she has tottally deserve it,if not for her good voice then for ambicious work and records!!!!!! thank you

  14. Lopez Lover says:


  15. jennifer says:

    jennifer lopez is 35 24/7/70 count the years

  16. charlie jane says:

    im glad sheis doin that but please come to london to do a tour ive been waiting 4 years 4 her to come and do one i would love it if she did so pplz jen come on and i love her so much i have got every thing of urs luv ya xxx