Monster-in-Law DVD Contest – Ending Soon

There are only 3 days left in our contest and only 17 people have entered! Why aren’t you guys entering when your chances to win are so high?! We are giving away 2!

Enter here.

This contest is only for US/Canada residents, but we will be having a worldwide contest soon.

11 Responses to “Monster-in-Law DVD Contest – Ending Soon”

  1. rmjlolover says:

    I wAnT tO wIn!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. brittany says:

    i have it alreadyy its amazinggg

  3. LuisRo. says:

    I haven’t entered the contest cuz I’m 100% sure I’ll buy the dvd 😛

  4. jlo's fan says:

    I’ll definately will be buying the DVD.

  5. zakes says:

    hey people when is jlo starting to promote ‘AUL’ cause i think she has been on the low for a long time now can someone plz tell me when is the premiere of ‘AUL’ cause they say said the premiere is going to be in new york.

  6. Paloma says:

    I really hope I win , I really want her DVD. I LOVE JENNIFER LOPEZ!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    i cant enter because im from the Uk but i think its a cool contest

  8. Shanaz says:

    Don’t you guys think there should be a Jeniffer Lopez look-a-like contest???!!! I think it would be a neat idea, and it should be international. I’m liking the whole contest thing!!!

  9. jarekch says:

    I can’t wait to find out who is the lucky winner. I’m not expecting to win because I don’t have a good luck since I came to this freaking Canada in 1990, LOL.

  10. jarekch says:

    So far looks like no one got lucky in this contest, lol.

  11. Barry says:

    I have yet to see it but it looks really good. Hopefully I can win a copy so I can see it hint hint 😛