No VMA wins this year

Jennifer did not win any of the four categories she was nominated in for MTV’s 2005 Video Music Awards. Hopefully in the future we’ll see some more wins.

17 Responses to “No VMA wins this year”

  1. rmjlolover says:

    WhAt!!!!!!!!!!! J.Lo is still a wiNNer tO Me

  2. Jenny_Lo says:

    Well I did see her with Get Right in the best dance videos.
    But she didn’t win….. Sad isn’t it?
    I forgot to vote for her also!!!!!!!
    But even if she didn’t win shes always my fav. singer!

  3. jarekch says:

    If you know how to win, you have to know how to lose too, from time to time and let it go. Hopefully she wins next time, MTV sucks.

  4. Sebastian says:

    Damn!!! She don’t win any moonmen. What a hell is hapening? It isn’t a year to J.Lo

  5. fRANKIE D. says:

    Sadly we didn’t even see her at all during the show…..she should of won for Get Right for Best Dance Video…..She is the best dancer I know and at 36……She’ll always be my number 1 fav. Boricua chick. Love ya JLo.

  6. jloizm says:

    oh my cryimng now.i hate mtv.jlo is number one.why why why?

  7. haze says:

    the reason jlo lost is because no one is gonna vote for an artist who hasnt kept themselves consistent. After she promoted monster in law she dissapeared. Sure shes filming boardertown but her abandoning “rebirth” can also be the reason why the album flopped. Im positive if she had came back with a powerful 3rd single her album wouldve started climbin back in the charts again. Look what happends to Gwen Stefani when “holla back girl” came out. Before that she was in the 40’s on the billboard and then jumped back into the top 10. Obviously now its too late to come back with a 3rd single because her album isnt even in the top 200 anymore. So thats why they’re isnt gonna be a 3rd single. All that talk about cherry pie being the 3rd single and coming out in august was just bull. august is almost gone and there isnt any cherry pie. And now next week we’re gonna see miss jlo again promoting “an unifinished life” So see when you abandon your music career your not gonna get any awards. thats just how hollywood is.

  8. jarekch says:

    Yeah right, is with music like with politics, all this bull? MTV sucks anyway, lol.

  9. bart says:

    If you ask me Jennifer is still the best and I don’t need any awards to improve that, however I really regret she wasn’t awarded by MTV.

  10. xox says:

    I love JLO and i am sad that she’s not promoting her album 🙁 the 3rd single date is way late, all the energy for Rebirth has gone down even though its a nice one!! I got you is a great song, she should promote it and not forget it like that 🙁

  11. Jenny_Lo says:

    I’m always SICK of heariing I ain’t no Holla Back Girl.
    I’m sick,sick,sick of it! The beat of the song is just horns and stomping in the background.
    The stupid song is on the radio all the time!
    And Get Right is the best!
    She didn’t win an award for that!
    All it was was Missy Elliot and Green Day!

  12. jloizm says:

    yeah.this is politic.

  13. Jenny_Lo says:

    Well….. I hope she wins an award for something that may come up this year.

  14. SoulSimon says:

    Jenny_Lo i know ya fan but be reasonable, cuz talkin that hollaback.. had only horns and stomps and then sayin’ get right is the best, then I just gotta ask that didnt get right had the horns and stomps, cuz of what it almost flop’d?

  15. begum says:

    i think best dance is get right,not missy’s lose control.there’s no fantactic dances in that video.
    but in get right jlo dances well.she can use her body,not others…..actually award is not important to me..i think jen should’ve come this show…i just wanted to see her…im so sad and cryin’….

  16. pirncess says:


  17. jersey_gurl says:

    know wat guys?! dat mtv award aint dat important nwei.. coz it sucks!!! now ive proven dat its a damn channel now!!! JLO wil 4ever be #1 4 us! dat missy eliot song is so trying hard! damn! JLO 4 eternity! 4 us, she’s d winner! go JEN! she’s still my idol nd til 4ever!!!