Today Show Appearance

Jennifer Lopez will appear on NBC’s “Today Show” on September 8th. The show airs at 7AM ET. Later that day she will be on David Letterman’s “Tonight Show,” with both appearances to promote “An Unfinished Life.”

4 Responses to “Today Show Appearance”

  1. Denian says:

    Damn again i live in holland are u gonna record it (A) plz plz plz i realy hope so
    Greets Denian

  2. Mehmet Emin says:

    yeah,good! I wonder if she’ll perform some songs?!?

  3. rmjlolover says:

    Im NoT gOinG to Be AblE to seE TOdaY shOw cuZ i HavE to Go To SkooL… It BettEr Be in ThE viDeo ArcHiVe LateR oN

  4. miguel says:

    She looks great, she is the latina #1 around the world!!!!!