Bored on ‘Bordertown’?

Thanks to matty3w for this news bit, although probably a rumor considering the Star magazine.

Is this a standard publicity-driven on-set flirtation or is Jennifer Lopez’s wandering eye off wandering again?

The Star says Lopez and co-star Antonio Banderas are flirting up a storm on the Albuquerque location of “Bordertown” and it’s wreaking havoc on their marriages.

“It’s crushing [Antonio’s wife] Melanie [Griffith] emotionally and physically,” says a longtime pal.

When Jennifer’s husband, Marc Anthony, recently heard she had a cozy dinner with Antonio, he reportedly threatened to “sort him out.”

All assorted paid mouthpieces deny everything.

21 Responses to “Bored on ‘Bordertown’?”

  1. paloma says:

    why is she doing this?
    I’m shocked!

  2. me3000 says:

    this mag loves to say things the have no clue…loooosers

  3. jlo lover says:

    wdf… damn plz dun make this happen again…

  4. terri says:

    I can’t believe some of you actually think that’s true. lol

  5. jarekch says:

    Hmmm, interesting, probably rumor, again they want to make her look bad. If it’s not and it happened before, I would freak out if I was in Marc’s shoes, no kidding wdf. Antonio is asking for trouble and Jennifer can end up in situation like with Ben, the same scenario. Good wife in good marriage doesn’t go out with coworker for Cozy Dinner and flirting, it’s a rule also, if she doesn’t know, unless she doesn’t have a good marriage and …

  6. gg says:

    dam i hate when they make things up and they post them but i know u have to post them same old lol jlo #1 its dumb story not worth thinking of

  7. haze says:

    more bullshit. like mark anthony would say he’d sort out antonio banderas ahahaha. he’d kill marks lil puny ass. seriously the bullshit stories need to stop

  8. marcia says:

    i agree wiv u (gg)… aldou if its tru den… i mean really, its not dat hard 2 imagine

  9. Courtney says:

    why is she doing this?
    I’m shocked!
    this mag loves to say things the have no clue…loooosers

  10. Luludivine says:

    Yeah stupid rumor …
    But in fact, Antonio is more good-looking than Marc … ……….
    No I’m juste kidding !

  11. SoulSimon says:

    I fink its full of lies but still I hope that Jen and Marc will brake up soon, I made bet with my friends I said they wont be togheter more than 16 months, and prolly I gonna win

  12. gg says:

    we’ll see about that soulsimon lol they ll be 2gether for a long long time jennifer #1

  13. matty3w says:

    Well, it will be 15 months in a week and a half…
    So don’t hold your breath, SimonWithoutSoul.


  14. FC says:

    I think they would make a cuter couple.

  15. terri says:

    soulsimon, just be prepared to pay up in 41 days cause they’ll have been married 16 months then. I can’t believe anybody, especially a fan, would wish for her to have another failed marriage. That’s really pathetic, I think. For the first time she seems really settled and happy in her marriage and I wish Jen and Marc the very best!

  16. jarekch says:

    It’s really hard to tell at present time if Star Magazine is rumoring about it or not. Do you remember after Jennifer broke up with Ben she hooked up with Marc next day and this magazine was issuing all kinds of articles about them. When they wrote about them planning to get married in March and May last year, nobody believed and it was taken as rumor, next, when she got ring from Marc in May, she was denying it in the press, saying it is only as proof of friendship, Jennifer was threatening Star Magazine with lawsuit if they write anything
    that is not truth. So, in logic way of thinking it may appear that they may have prove of that.
    What do you think guys? This tabloids making people really confused sometimes. One more think, this days, who is bigger or stronger doesn’t count anymore, maybe in the movies, lol, it counts who is more lucky, if you have a bad luck even brick can fall on your head in wooden church, lol.

  17. terri says:

    Trust me when I say the article is totally false!!
    Marc and Jen are very happily married. She’s not even filming right now. Marc is on tour and she has been on the road with him.

    Jarekch, I believe the deal with Star Magazine was that they could not print anything without her permission because they quoted her on something that she did not say to them after the bennifer breakup. It was only for a period of time and that time is over so there you have it.

  18. Farbud says:

    mmm….I think jen wants to set a record for herself….THE MOST MARRIED WOMAN EVER : J.LO !
    i think she’s tired of Marc , that’s all ! i don’ think it’s an odd thing , but i don’ think Antonio will be so dumb to destroy his own life and make a divorce and these stuff….

  19. jarekch says:

    I think that you are right TERRI, I know that this tabloids are making up lots of stories based on lies from people that only want to earn a few bucks. I and any for long time Jennifer’s fan knows that she went through a lot of mess in her life and finally, hopefully she settled down and want to have good marriage and her own family that no f*** one can throw a crap at her in any form. Sometimes I have second thoughts and I have really good reason to have them.

  20. Jenny_Lo says:

    I think it’s just a rumor.
    I mean how do pple know she is doing that!
    They aren’t going to show it on the news!

  21. Kristen says:

    Does anyone know whats going on with JLO’s new movie “Bordertown”???