Jennifer Appearing at VMAs?

It appears Jennifer may be set to appear at the VMAs in one form or another. Details aren’t totally clear at the moment. The VMAs air Sunday, August 28th at 8PM ET on MTV in the United States with the pre-show beginning at 6PM.

26 Responses to “Jennifer Appearing at VMAs?”

  1. haze says:

    surprise performance. lol j/k. probably via sattelite from the boardertown movie set. or maybe she will be there to promote her “unfinished life” movie or new video or something. havent see jenny on tv all summer.

  2. ap says:

    dam hope she goes and hope she wins for best dance video plz go lol

  3. Sc88 says:

    how do you know this?

    btw i really hope she goes.

  4. FC says:


  5. Courtney says:

    GoD I Hope ShE WiNs SoMeThInG

  6. Kevin says:

    Yes she better appear!!!!

  7. Linda says:

    She would totally rock the house!!! I think this would be good for her especially since her movie will be out soon and Monster in Law will be on video that week too. I would definantly tune in to watch!!!

  8. SoulSimon says:

    Theres no need to worry, cu eh is goin’ there look, these VMA promotional clips and ya get why.

  9. Diamond Marrero says:

    Jennifer, I really miss you from being in the spotlight. All the news now is of no intrest to me and my daughter. Please come back. We love your work.

  10. Jae says:

    I sho do hope she goes i havent seen her n da public in a min 4 reel!!

  11. Ashley says:

    I hope jennifer shows up 2 the vma’s and she better win one of the awards i love her. i cant wait till september 22nd when she comes 2 chicago!
    J.LO Rocks!!!

  12. call me mike says:

    hi everyone
    i have great news .JLO’S 3rd single CHERRY PIE will be realised 3rd october 2005 …..
    i’s so happy !!
    i can be ur cherry pie and u can be my cream on top….
    peace !

  13. Teak says:

    Still waiting for news on the Spanish album…

  14. mido says:

    hey i cant believe this jlo rockin in the VMA if she goes i really gonna watch this event if not i dont want 🙁 but i hope she goes and win the best dance videooooo jlo rockssss

  15. levi says:

    October thats way to late for the third single to be coming out. How do you know that is the date?

  16. Paloma says:

    I hope I see her at the vma’s with Marc
    She’s having a new single?, they would have already done it right?

  17. Paloma says:

    I love jennifer Lopez so much , I know she doesn’t know her fans, but she knows she’s loved.

  18. crazyboyms says:

    marc wont be at the vma’s cos he has to do a concert that night!
    hope she will there, a surprise performance would rock but i guess thats just a dream…

  19. Teak says:

    It seems like not too long after Rebirth was released she went under the radar… Isn’t that an odd thing to do when you’ve just released an album??

  20. jarekch says:

    Her appearance at VMAs will definitely rock the house, I hope that she wins.

  21. haze says:

    i thought on the UK site it said cherry pie will be released august 29th. Also ppl were saying that step into my world will be released in the U.S. but wutever i just want a new single. Why after he album started flopping she just dissapeared??? if she was smart and cared about her album sales she would’ve promoted more and made more videos. If she kept it consistent we would’ve seen a 4th video from the album by now. Jennifer just……dissapeared. wuts up with that????

  22. kosta says:

    sorry guys, but i dont think that jlo will be on the vmas… not since mariah is performing there… i hope mariahs dress will explote like on her concert in germany a few weeks ago…

  23. Paloma says:

    i hope she appears!!!

  24. paloma says:

    I just hope new singles just come out, that would be hot!!

  25. liper says:

    ohohoh…..that’s she the largest one of all,now in lima-peru the famous jennifer lopez she is amusing,in this ceremony spetacular of mtv video music awards 2005 im happy for she that live jlo uhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuujujuju im bout to sign you op (we can get right)before the night is up we cam get riiiiiiiight we cam get riiiiiiiiight she number one in coreografy

  26. kandy klo says:

    I look forward in seeing jlo in everything she does, I hope to see her soon and more. she has got to do a tour soon I hope…. Klo