J. Lo outblings hubby

By Inside Track
Sunday, August 14, 2005 – Updated: 03:43 AM EST

“JENNIFER LOPEZ celebrated her birthday last week by indulging herself with a $4 million ring, according to In Touch Weekly. That’s twice as expensive as the band as her Latin-singer hubby, Marc Anthony bought her for their one year anniversary in June! An insider says, “Very few women in the world have a diamond ring of such magnitude. “

6 Responses to “J. Lo outblings hubby”

  1. Franky says:

    If i had the money i would have bought her even something much bigger…….

  2. jlo freak says:

    wow!!! NICE JOB MARC ANTHONY!!! i really wish this lovely relationship will last 4eva!!! luv u jlo!!!

  3. jlo freak says:


  4. Courtney says:

    ~*~Marc~*~ U and Jennifer are so perfect 4 each other

  5. haze says:


  6. jarekch says:

    Yeah, In Touch is known from spreading rumors too but anyway.Read it again, it doesn’t say anything about Marc buying this ring for her, only it says about one year anniversary ring in June which probably cost him $2 mln, 9.5 karats and beautiful one. I don’t know, often is something written in tabloids about her rings. Do you remember about the one from Ben, pink 5 K diamond ring which she really loved, tabloids were coming up with all kinds of BS about what she will do with it. While ago about the same time I wrote somewhere, ” if I was a multimillionaire, I would buy double the size ring for her and this is not my business but I do trust on her decision what she will do with it. “, and she returned to Ben which was the right decision in this kind of situation. Let’s get back to new ring, hmm $4 mln, it must be really, really beautiful and magnificent, I’d like to see it for sure. I don’t think if Marc could scrape his wallet for $2 mln and $4 mln in two months. She did like it, she purchased one for her birthday, why not if she can afore it, her hard earned money. Also it may indicate that she is anyway independent woman and she can get SUPER RING for herself too, rings from Ben, Marc, $750.000 necklace from P.Diddy, are not big enough, lol, I’m joking, any ring means something, doesn’t matter on it’s size.