Lopez Considers Quitting Career To Be A Mother

Latina beauty JENNIFER LOPEZ is considering quitting her music and movie career to become a mother.

The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK star believes you can’t be a successful mother and wife and have a job – so she’s prepared to give up work to devote herself to her family.

She explains, “Either you are going to be a bad mom and be a really good career woman and wife, or a good mom and career woman and bad wife, or a good mom and a good wife and your career is going to suck.”

18 Responses to “Lopez Considers Quitting Career To Be A Mother”

  1. Milagros says:

    I totally do not agree with what Jennifer Lopez stated that “Either you are going to be a bad mom and be a really good career woman and wife, or a good mom and career woman and bad wife, or a good mom and a good wife and your career is going to suck.”

    That is one of the most belittling things that can be said about the many great mothers, wives and career women that are out in the world today.

    And the other thing is, NOT everyone can just stay home to take care of the kids as people need to go to work to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.


  2. CzarCastic says:

    This is probably fake. There is a discussion going on about it already here in the forums:


  3. Steffi says:

    I don’t believe this. JLO wouldn’t say anything like that. Who would actually believe that anyway?

  4. christina says:

    Lopez will never give up anything.

  5. matty3w says:

    Sounds like Jen has been misquoted (again) ! – The Sept. issue of ELLE contains the Original quote and the context. Yes, Jen said this in the article, BUT she was restating what the interviewer had just said to her, i.e. that a woman can have three things in her life (career, marriage, & kids) BUT can only do Two of them well.. So that was actually the writer’s opinion.

    Here’s the rest : (After the re-statement) “She (Jen) lets that sink in for a moment, and then : ‘ I want to get a T-shirt that says Bull – – – ! ‘ Lopez is laughing, but clearly you don’t lightlly tell her she can’t do something.”

    ” ‘ In America, there is all this guilt and pressure, ‘ (Jen says) ‘ You’re a bad person if you do this, if you don’t do that. But I think you have to be fulfilled as an individual to be a good mom. And I’m not a mom. I’m sure moms out there will be saying, ‘She doesn’t know what she’s talking about ! ‘ ‘ Fine. I’ ll figure it out my own way. And I think if you are trying to have a balance of those Three things, I’m sure it’s easer when you have a good partner. But this is all theoretical, philosophical at this point. I do hope to put it to use one day. We’ll see. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m a f – – – in’ idiot. ‘ ”

    It’s a very good article, imo. Jen sounds happy and centered.


  6. PierrotPL says:

    got this from another another forum. don’t know his source though.

    Jennifer Lopez will not release anymore tracks from Rebirth

    Jennifer Lopez was supposed to be releasing Cherry Pie this Summer as a follow up to Hold You Down and Get Right, but according to Sony, the song has be ‘withdrawn’ from radio playlists and ‘has no release date in the forseeable future’. It looks as if uber-flop Rebirth has run out of steam. If it ever had any steam to begin with.

    I hope it isn’t true

  7. Amy says:

    I think that Jlo could handle being a superstar and a mom at the same time…look at all she does now and we wonder how she does it so I’m sure she can be a mom someday and continue with her career as well..she is a woman that can do it all!!

  8. jarekch says:

    You know what guys? I’m getting sick and tired of this rumors about baby, about Jennifer quitting her career. I’m just wondering what is this people problem all the time?, sounds like they want and would be happy if Jennifer really did it, like they want her to disappear and push her out of business, I’m just all the time wondering why?, because she is Latina? Eventually time runs forward, the older you are the faster it goes and nothing lasts forever. Probably one day she will give it up for greater purpose. Half a year or so Jennifer was performing at Times Square in New York and guy from media asked her about her stomach, why it is flat, is she pregnant yet, she said that she was made pregnant by the media 6 or 7 times already and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Absolutely right, none of their business to know about it. When I hear it from her and I’ll see her with belly then I believe it. For now all this is stupid talking about private part of her life.

  9. Kevin says:


  10. J.Lolover says:

    I dont think this is true. If it is true, then good for her if its what is going to make her happy. But hopefully is just another rumor.


  11. zakes says:

    hey guys did you see jlo’s pictures on elle.com she looks divine and i think guys sweetface is already a hit i mean did you guys see those baby doll dresses they look incredibley sexy and when i look at sweetface i realize that miss LO is not going anywhere she is here to stay so really now quiting it’s out of the question

  12. anay says:

    So does this mean that she’s preggy right.
    lol i don’t think this is right jen can’t leave her career it’s her life .

  13. Kevin says:


    Moderator edit: Stop typing in all caps, please. It looks like you are shouting.

  14. haze says:

    damnit shes not performing at the VMA’s. i hope she atleast attends. and i heard some news about her not coming out with a 3rd single again. wuts that all about???

  15. Nomi M says:

    Don’t ever belive anything that all these tablodes say about JLO. They just want same to talk about and for pleople like us to get mad at. Just remember JLO would never give up any thing just because a baby is coming in to her life. She is a strong women that knows what she wants and would work around all obsticles in her life. All us should just be happy for Jlo and Mark and the new baby.

  16. Amy says:

    ok y’all put those rumors about jlo being pregnant to rest..SHE IS NOT PREGGERS!!
    I saw in the people magazine her look right now as she wrapped her movie “bordertown” and her tummy is flat. she is working on alot right now more movies coming out and she is not preggers.
    trust me she aint.

  17. fake jlo says:


  18. jlo freak says:

    no!!! plz dun quit.. i love ur music n u!!!! but anyway if u wanna quit i’ll always respect ur wishes… all da best!!!