Jennifer ‘Depressed’ With No Child

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Jennifer Lopez was so stunned when an interviewer asked her how she felt about her ex-fiance Ben Affleck expecting a baby with Jennifer Garner, she declared that the subject “depressed” her. Affleck and Garner exchanged nuptials late last month in the Caribbean, shortly before confirming to the speculating public that they were expecting their first child together. But Lopez – who split with her Gigli co-star Affleck at the beginning of last year, four months before marrying Marc Anthony – wasn’t expecting that she’d have to speak about the baby news when she sat for an interview with Elle magazine. Blushing, Lopez said of the pregnancy, “I hope that they’re happy. You know, it’s a beautiful thing. There are no hard feelings.” But when Elle apologized for raising the subject, Lopez, who later admitted that becoming a mother is one of her ultimate dreams, responded, “Yeah, you depressed me.”

22 Responses to “Jennifer ‘Depressed’ With No Child”

  1. haze says:

    awww poor jenny. she’ll get her 9months soon

  2. jlo freak says:

    dun worry jlo…. ben afflek always make u cry…. u’ll have a baby of ur own soon… luv u muakxx….

  3. Erin says:

    aww….i will be ur lil baby jen! lol…j/k dont worry! ull have ur time, ben will not b a good father anyways!

  4. NAEEMA says:

    Dont worry about Ben he is a fool and always will be you a great person and you will have your own little angel soon good things happen to those who wait and you done alot for everyone you have people like me that look up to you and you should be happy for that Ben is a nobody with out you you made him come in the puplic eye other wise people would never have notice him its only because you where on his arm GOOD LUCK WITH THE BABY THEY WILL BE YOUR JOY BECAUSE MINE IS MY JOY OF LIFE

  5. nowandthen says:

    This doesn’t make J-LO a bad person, but I think if she were really into children, she would not have married Marc so quickly knowing he had a 10-month old baby and a 2-year old. Natural maternal instincts would have stopped her considering the children were so young, and she would not have wanted to play a part in his separating from them. But when the time is right and she is ready, she will be blessed with her own children.

  6. Linda says:

    I felt her depression when I read this article. Just remember that God does answer all prayers and Jennifer will get her bundle of joy when its the right time. Lots of Love to Jen.

  7. courtney says:

    thats really sad to know that the man you were once with is now gonna have the baby that jennifer lopez have always wanted but one day she will have that baby she has always wanted
    ~*~ Luv ya Jen U rock~*~

  8. marcus says:

    Don’t worry about Jen. Cause if that baby looks like Ben, they are going to have one ugly baby!!!

  9. zakes says:

    well i wish that jlos does have children but lets be honest she has a long way to go before having children, her career still needs her undivided attention so i think she also knows that i think after she has established sweetface internationaly and the jlo brand and her music and movie career then she can have children. i think she hasn’t reach the stage where she is content with her work so children at this stage would be a big mistake.

  10. y'all says:

    does nyone else think affleck treated jlo so badly

  11. anay says:

    You know jen will make a great mom but it’s kind sad i gatta admit that as i recal 2years aga we uses to read about jen and ben wanting a baby but now it’s jen and ben but not the same jen get my drift. I feel sad fopr jen knowing how much she loves kids and yet hasn’t had one and her time is running for her.

  12. marz says:

    yh, ben is an ass! he can kiss mine coz e didn’t deserve sum1 like jennifer

  13. lizmairim says:

    Jlo will probabaly not read this. But the will of God is unexpected. I mean she still don’t know if God choose to have a child. She need to relax and stay foucus on what God blees her to do. Time will come when God thinks she is ready. I will be more than happy to know that she is having a baby. Because I will feel and know she is happy. Love you…………………….. your friend lizmairim.

  14. jarekch says:

    Yeah, you depressed me too. Don’t you have any other subjects to talk about Elle? They always about Ben, baby, I’ve heard about baby rumors, I don’t know, I’ve lost count. Come one, give her a break people, she knows what to do with her life, you don’t have to guide her like a little girl.

  15. Donnamarie says:

    Where is some of your heads??? Ben Affleck would have made beautifullllllll babies and he is very handsome !!!! Marc Anthony looks like he was made to do horror movies. Boy is he UGLY!!!!!!! Ben never was in love with J-Lo. She was just a toy for him. If he wanted to…he would have married her but…….. he has had bad moments in life but has good taste. J-Los background is not a good one.

  16. zakes says:

    thank you donnamarie at least i’m not the only one who thinks that

  17. jarekch says:

    Men don’t have to be beautiful outside, it’s inside what makes them beautiful or ugly. And Ben is from royal family, LOL, before his career he was nobody, he was lucky to get to Hollywood, if you don’t know don’t say anything about Jennifer’s background.

  18. norman alsahoury says:

    jennifer i wish all the luck u dont need a bad husband to be ur childs dad dont worry about anything everything will come too u soon norman alsahoury wish luck!

  19. Amanda says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that she still has feelings for Ben and Marc is just a “stand-in?” I mean, common! Why would she be derpessed if she has moved on. Or at least that’s what it seems like if she married Marc Anthony so quickly.

    I really like Jennifer Lopez, but I can certainly do without Marc, and so could she. He is UGLY, for her anyway 😉

  20. chrissy says:

    Jennifer will get her time soon

  21. Alina says:

    It’s not your problem if jenn’s hubby is ugly or not!!!If she loves him it doesn’t matter!!!Espetially not to you all so STOP fighting about that!!!As long as she’s happy you should be happy too!!!YOU’RE HER FANS,RIGHT???


    big kiss for all of you from Croatia

    Love ya


    (And be good,stop fighting)

  22. Rachelle says:

    AWWWWW Dont worrie j-lo u will find someone els that is good for you ….. your to good for ben LOL im not kiddin u r

    so dont worrie 🙂 🙂

    p.s im doing a school bio on u !!!