Chicago To Have First J. Lo Boutique In USA

Jennifer Lopez has selected Marshall Field’s store on State Street in Chicago as the first U.S. store to house a boutique for her JLo line of products. The first JLo boutique opened in Moscow last year.

Electric-pink cargo pocket knit pants, a faux crocodile leather clutch purse and a wild rose camisole with a removable garter belt are among items likely to be featured at the singer-actress’ store within a store.

Planning with the Minneapolis-based Field’s began in March.

“We kind of approached each other,” explained Andy Hilfiger, president and co-founder of JLo parent company Sweetface Fashion and brother of designer Tommy Hilfiger. “Our long-term plan is to open concept shops in many stores, but Chicago is such a brilliant start.”

Lopez, who began her design career in 2001, is set to open the Field’s boutique on Sept. 22, when she’ll also attend a fashion show highlighting her clothing. The event will benefit Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Hilfiger said he hopes to open boutiques in department stores in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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  1. Kevin says:


  2. Nowandthen says:

    I mean no harm, but I must be honest. J-LO clothes were never popular in Chicago. You go to the malls here and her clothing lines have been discontinued in many of the stores. No more big J-LO Logos are found in any of the malls. You just don’t really see people walking around in J-LO clothes.

    So if she has a clothing boutique in Marshall Fields, maybe her clothing line can draw more interest. We shall see.

  3. jarekch says:

    Ha, Ha, bravo Jennifer! This is incredible news, few of my friends from Chicago will be so happy when I tell them that, you have no idea. And again for children charity, she must really love children, I’m sure that many of them love you too Jenny. See morons, LOL, I told you!

  4. Javier says:

    Imma be sure to go. I know where state street is at in Chicago. Imma buy my tickets yo seriously. I wanna see JLO so bad yo! Plus i wonder if Jennifer can give us samples of her new perfume “Live” through her offcial websites to her fans. That’ll be cool as phuck.

  5. zakes says:

    i think this is one the best ideas jlo & hilfiger came up with i heard that sales have increased up to 50% in and her botique in moscow sales have increaseed by 40% so you see people sweetface is growing and jlo should start promoting it but i think she going to,she is a very clever business woman she realised that you cannot always advertise you have to take the product to the people

  6. Me says:

    It’s best not to say things that aren’t true. The Moscow store opened to less then 30 customers and is about to be taken from the mall complex completely. That particular mall caters to the Russian rich and famous. They forbid their children from wearing Lopez’s brand. Honestly she is considered trashy there.

    On line sales at shop.J.Lo haven’t increased. In fact when reading on line sales rankings of major brands J.Lo’s isn’t in the top 100.

    Truth is Macy’s has refused to renew J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez retail floor space contract. Apparently she is being phased out of their on line store as well. Most everything listed on their site is at 60% or more off with her name attached.

    I heard after her releases at Fashion Week Macy’s decided to discontinue their association because her line was simply unattractive and unsaleable.This is why she has gone to the lessor chain of Field’s. Instead of completely dissolving her line Hilfiger is reducing it to small “Boutiques” with selective merchandise trying to reinvent her into the fashion industry.

    Another Big problem in Chicago, it is Puffy’s territory & he is releasing a womens line that is going to be huge this Fall. Have you seen the ads with Penelope Cruise, gorgeous!

  7. courtney says:

    anyways i think its great i mean jlo u rock

  8. zakes says:

    well andy hilfiger said that so i don’t who to believe you oh him but thing i know this is the best idea i saw the fall collection in it’s great and it’s not true that in russia they think jlo is trashy europe likes jlo and puffy caters only for american and jlo for the international market next time don’t check american websites only check international, ME!!!!!

  9. ZAKES says:

    JLo clothing initially was in 500 stores but since has dropped to 250.

    “Clothing is doing a lot better than it was,” Hilfiger said. “Our distribution is smaller, but sales are better per door.

    “We had to figure out which doors work for our product. We’ll eventually grow into more stores,” he said. “The fit is great. The quality is better. It took awhile to fix the problems.”

    Sales on her Web site,, are up 50 percent over last year, he said.

    In a Wall Street Journal story in June about celebrity-designed fashions, Federated Department Stores Inc. Chairman Terry Lundgren said the JLo apparel line has “improved,” but said Federated’s Macy’s chain has no plans to expand it beyond the 110 stores where it is sold.

    Federated will become the owner of Field’s later this year when it completes the purchase of parent May Department Stores Co.

    Hilfiger hopes to eventually open stores within other department stores in such markets as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami.

    As for the Moscow store, it is doing “amazing,” he said, with 40 percent of the merchandise selling at full price, compared with the industry average of 10 percent to 12 percent.

    this article was taken from CHICAGO TRIBUTE

  10. jarekch says:

    Aaa… shut up “Me”, are you trying to spoil everything to everybody? Are you seeing everything in black&white like a dog? Get for yourself damn color TV, LOL.

  11. jarekch says:

    ME, are you a member of P.Diddy’s gang or something? LOL. His territory, what a BS, since when he is the owner of Chicago city? The only guy I’ve heard about who had control there was Al Capone but it was long time ago, 1930’s.

  12. priscilla says:

    Does anyone know how i can get tickets to the jlo fashion show for her new boutique in chicago. please someone tell me how…either post it on here or e-mail me at

    thank you

  13. lizmairim says:

    Jennifer I’m happy for you I’m into your style. I need you to open a boutique near me. 911! In connecticut, New Haven. It is so hard for me to find your clothing line in my area. I went to New York and nothing! Scence I’m a fanatic of yours I HAVE TO WEAR YOUR CLOTHING LINE. GOOD LOCK! LOVE U!

  14. Angela says:

    Great JLo Clothing will be Marshall Fields. However the pricing for her clothes are pretty pricey….Does anyone know how to obtain tickets for her Fashion show in Chi-town? Email me: Viva Las Latinas……

  15. samira says:

    hie my name is samiraq and i just want to say
    jlo has wicked songs

  16. missy says:


  17. Lisa-Long Beach, Cali says:

    I really like the j.lo line of fashion, but…. I don’t like anything with labels. Hilfiger has the small embroidered colors on his clothing, which is easily recognizable, yet less visable. I think it would be great if Jennifer could come up with a similar idea.

  18. lds says:

    Well i was wondering if anyone knows where can i check pic. from chicago show ??? Because my cousin was modeling for her, she opend the show. Her name is Tika she’s from Mi and i would love to see some pix from the show if anyone knows any website or past me the links so i could check them!!!
    thnx a lot

  19. shelby says:

    hay everyone! i know Tika! i was in the show too it was really fun…i remember Tika shes tall and has long wavy black hair right? does anybody know where i could find some pics? i love jennifers style shes my favorite! id model her clothes again in a heart beat! lolz


  20. Larry says:

    Does anyone know how i can get tickets to the jlo fashion show for her new boutique in chicago. please someone tell me how…e-mail me at

  21. Nance says:

    Jlo Rocks

  22. Jessica says:

    I love the fact that Macy’s sells Jlo clothes in Chicago. I love her clothes I am always shopping online @ for my kids and my self. However the prices are a little to much,I think she should lower it down a bit.
    At leats for the (BORICUAS)lolz