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Contact Music reported this today:

Jennifer Lopez’s third husband MARC ANTHONY stunned hotel guests and staff by refusing to draw a sketch for a charity auction – instead writing ‘F**k You’ on his slip of paper.

The high-profile couple were in New York attending J.Lo’s Bryant Park fashion show after-party in W Hotels’ VIP hospitality suite.

Celebrities who attended the event – including actress ELISHA CUTHBERT, comedian JOHN LEGUIZAMO and designer and socialite CHARLOTTE RONSON – were invited to draw caricatures of themselves to be displayed at W Hotels properties and later auctioned off for charity.

But Anthony stunned hotel staff by refusing to participate, instead scrawling his shocking profanity.

A source says, “Everyone was drawing caricatures, doing their little drawings and stuff to be framed.

“They handed a piece of paper to Marc, for either him or J.Lo to draw on.

“He wrote ‘F**k You,’ and passed it back. People were totally taken aback.

“And now the other art is touring, and they literally have his ‘F**k You’ in storage.”

The paper slip is currently sitting in the basement of the W Hotels headquarters in the Chelsea district of New York, and local newspaper the New York Daily News predicts it will soon appear on internet auction site eBay.

29 Responses to “News From Contact Music”

  1. jarekch says:

    “Shocking Profanity” ? Who was showing first all the time this shocking profanity? Peta, Tabloids, Paparazzi, Media, picking on Jennifer and Marc, messing in their fans heads, maybe even trying to ruin their lives and careers? I don’t really blame him. Then you have your f***ing “shocking profanity” back. Surprised!? LOL.

  2. jarekch says:

    It sounds like straight BS but if not just in case what I think about it.
    … and they want to sell it on eBay yet, yeah right, Marc will never give them rights to it, it’s his hand writing. He can really screw them up in court for it. This only proves how vicious, stupid and paranoid they are, sick fwacks.

  3. ap says:

    high profile ??? r they ….. once again is there proof of that ?

  4. Reza says:

    oh , sad news . what is Marc doing to himself & his career ???

  5. Bianca says:

    Sorry, but it may be some truth to that. It was reported by the New York Daily News and they investigate before they usually just print something that was just “made up”, for no reason. Marc may have done that out of a spur of the moment. Maybe he was feeling upset about something. He’s human too you know. He also may be under pressure. It seems ever since he married Lopez he has been following her every move. That could be putting a lot of pressure on him.

  6. jlo freak says:

    no comments, i will still be jlo #1 fan.. LOLX…

  7. Kevin says:

    Not nice but….. LOL

  8. jordan says:

    thats kinda funny…but a stupid thing to do when it’s something for charity. it’s not like jlo did it anyway so it’s all good!!!

  9. marcia says:

    whether marc did write that or not doesn’t really bother me- im not at all phased 1 bit! To tell you the truth i’m abit bored- every little thing jen and marc do is always blown out of proportion. I no they’re superstars and everthing but geez, GIVE THEM A BRAKE! They ARE allowed to have their moments you know… or aren’t they human? Yeah, that’s what i thought too!!!

    love you loads jen and marc- keep doin your thing coz im lovin it 😉

  10. courtrney says:

    i mean marc be nice i mean come on just chill on the Profanity

  11. anamarie says:

    I don`t care about marc. f***k marc. I care about jennifer. This is a jlo site, isn`t it?

  12. Erin says:


  13. ap says:

    it is funny in a way…. hey maybe there will be a high bid for his drawing lol no word on the 3rd single am losing hope

  14. jlofan#1 says:

    that is just so sad for marc to being doing dat who does he think he is just because he married to jennifer doesnt mean he’s all that.she can do way beta then marc anthony.Can’t wait till they break up.Lucky it wasent jennifer who did it cos if it was i would have been very disappointed.

    jennifer still rox 4 eva.

  15. jarekch says:

    OK, everyone, Jennifer and Marc are doing charity on their own, in their own time and from their own good will. They don’t need any second person or what ever organization to do it for them. This charity people most of the time are nasty and pushy, maybe Marc got upset because of that. I had my own experience with them, I sent some money once or twice for charity and guess what, they started calling, harassing me over more money, almost demanding like I owed them, simply
    I had to change phone number. Lot’s of charities are not honest and lot’s of people are making good living out of this if you didn’t know, isn’t that pathetic and evil to take advantage from someone’s pain and suffering? W hotel just exaggerated a bit, I think management and some of the stuff should be fired for this, LOL. Someone had a problem I’ve seen about Marc, actually Marc is a part of Jennifer’s life, personal and professional. He deserves to be mentioned here and Jennifer’s fans I think should stick for him too and the other way around.

  16. jarekch says:

    Other way around, I mean Marc’s fans should stick
    for Jennifer also. Think about it, lot’s of damage caused to them by ass**les can be redused.

  17. jarekch says:

    Thank you for so quick placement of this
    post. I think and you that this really important to all good people.

  18. jarekch says:

    Remember all in a week is JENNIFER’S BIRTH’S DAY, 24 th of July. We all LOVE YOU JENNY! HAPPY BIRTH’S DAY!!!

  19. ap says:

    jarekch i agree with what u say about jen and marc …..jlo u rock !!!!!!!!

  20. jarekch says:

    Ooop’s, looks like I had too much wine last night, LOL, BIRTHDAY I mean.

  21. Teak says:

    There’s probably much more to the story than the article reported. Charity people can indeed be nasty and pushy. I’m all for good causes, but there’s a line. Anyhow, I’m not a Marc Anthony fan (so I’m not concerned about him), though this definitely seems like more negative publicity for Jen. I feel doubtful that we’re gonna actually see a 3rd single, and I’m not feeling good about the Spanish album either 🙁

  22. SoulSimon says:

    This guy think he is smth?nah he is nothing, that just shows how stupid he is.

  23. haze says:

    is jennifer gonna be 35 or 36??? also i heard step into my world will be the U.S. single and cherry pie is the european single. is that true. and does anyone know where i can find the song “focus”

  24. jarekch says:

    Some people are not capable to understand some of the issues. Some came from ape and some were created by God. What can you do about it? Nothing. I’m not Spanish speaking person but what I know is that it’s first Jennifer’s effort to make Spanish version of her album. I think that Spanish speaking people should give more gratitude for this, even if it may not be perfect ( nothing is perfect in this universe anyway, LOL ). Why? Because she knows her origin or heritage, who her parents are, where from they came, even if she was born in New York.
    P.S. Too bad that Marc didn’t write F*** OFF, maybe they could leave him and her alone.

  25. m.Lo says:

    Not the nicest thing to do, but it was kinda funny. I wonder if I woulda done the same thing… HA! Just kidding. Either way, I will still love j.Lo!

  26. ap says:

    no news ???? lol

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  28. Maria says:

    People will say just about anything to haver gossip, I find it hard to believe that he would do that ..I LOVE MARC

  29. Bobbie says:

    I am not the kind of person that likes profanity. However, I have a lot of faith in Marc and think he must of had a very good reason for using that four letter word if in fact he did so. Marc and Jennifer I wish you everything you wish for yourselves. Love, Bobbie