MarketingSherpa Publishes Special Report on Celebrity Fashion Ecommerce: Data on Jennifer Lopez and others

MarketingSherpa announces its newest special report, ‘Behind-the-Scenes Test Results from Celebrity Fashion eRetailers’. The Report features data, creative samples, and lessons learned from the marketers behind ecommerce sites for Jennifer Lopez, Baby Phat, and Orange County Choppers.

This Special Report is 95th in a series of Case Studies and interviews MarketingSherpa has published on the topic of eretail marketing and ecommerce. Featured details include:
-How conversion rates for celebrity apparel sites are affected by waves
of traffic from television publicity
-Email marketing statistics for celebrity ecommerce sites
-Why celebrity sites cut affiliate marketing programs after initial launch periods
-How to use online sweeps entries as a market research tool
-How seasonality affects best days of the week for traffic and conversion

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5 Responses to “MarketingSherpa Publishes Special Report on Celebrity Fashion Ecommerce: Data on Jennifer Lopez and others”

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