Lopez And Spears To Battle Over The Perfume Counter

Chart rivals JENNIFER LOPEZ and BRITNEY SPEARS are set to do battle in department stores this September (05) when they both launch new fragrances.

Latina beauty Lopez is releasing her fourth scent, Live Jennifer Lopez, on 28 September (05), after the huge success of her previous perfumes – Glow, Still and Miami Glow.

Spears joined the beauty market last year (04) with her eau du parfum Curious, and has decided to launch her new fragrance Fantasy.

Perfume expert DAVID WOLFE, creative director for Donegar Creative Services, believes entrepreneur J.Lo will win the battle of the scents, saying, “Jennifer (will win). Have you seen MONSTER-IN-LAW? She’s tough.

“My feeling is that this trend is going to last as long as celebrities do – I don’t see it ending, only accelerating.”

20 Responses to “Lopez And Spears To Battle Over The Perfume Counter”

  1. ap says:

    come on people save ur money we got to put her on # 1 again jlo rocks

  2. jlo freak says:

    dun worry about it jennifer…. u will win, with no doubt!!!!!!

  3. PEGGY says:


  4. jLo1 says:

    Ya’ll better start savin’ cause them britney fans are crazzy , but they can’t hold us down!!!! better start putting them duckets in the pinky binkk and breakin’ that pig when september comes round!!!!

  5. ride or die chick says:

    hey u know jlo going to win come on look at her other perfumes!!!!!!

  6. Kevin says:

    I definitly rather buy something with jens face on it

  7. courtney says:

    ~*~*~ Dont Worry Jen i will buy your new PERFUME well cant wait to get some bye jlo u rock u r #1~*~*~

  8. lux says:

    Seeing pics of Britney lately, she doesn’t look like she smells too good.

  9. star says:

    lol @ lux comment, you’re right

  10. ap says:

    lux oh my god thats a good one u funny lol and little mean jk jlo rocks

  11. marcus says:

    Don’t worry about it. Ya’ll know Jen is going to win. The expert even said so! And they know what they’re talking about. And like he said…Jen is tough! She’s a monster! As far as I’m concerned…Britney ain’t got nothing on Jen!

  12. jenny says:

    yea peoples we need to help jlo reedem herself..
    she is the best and we are partially the reason why. Buy the new fragrance and her new spanish album!!!!!!!!

  13. K says:

    Does anyone know when the spanish album will be released?

  14. chris says:

    It’s unforunate to tell everyone this but i know the inside scoop, her latest fragrance, MIAMI GLOW will be discontinued because its is a limited edition scent for the summer only…so go out and get it before it is sent back and gone forever. BUT, look out for another limited edition in early 2006 (sorry cant tell you what its called)…ATTENTION CHICAGO (MIDWEST)FANS: JENNIFER WILL BE MAKING AN APPEARANCE WED,SEP.21 @ MARSHALL FIELD’S STATE STREET TO PROMOTE LIVE J.LO, AND HER CLOTHING. MARK YOUR CALENDERS, AND MAKE AN EFFORT TO SUPPORT OUR LATINA STAR.

  15. Anibar says:

    J-LO, We love you and no dought your name has made a legend in history baby.

  16. jlofan#1 says:

    jennifer is going to waste britney wifout a doubt.!!!!!jen u da bomb!!!!

  17. charlotte says:

    omg jlo britney aint even gt a chance u r the top of every fin clothing singing dancing acting so i fink u will beet her at perfume wars go jlo ur the best an u r me idol an i am ur bggest fan believe mexxxxxxxxx

  18. JLOS #1 fan so shut up says:

    Yeh jens gonna win 4 sure but britneys cool so yeh… BUT ITS GONNA BE A GOOD BATTLE

  19. sandrea says:

    well,of course nodoubt jlo will win, when it comes to perfume,but yall see the truth all them stars are beautiful b_cus they got da money! u know wud im sayin,c,mon jlo wasnt always hott! she looks like them average gurls around ure block[hood.her money got her wearin fly dats rite,,,no offense jlo but i bet u if i had a make up artist and da money in the world to make look the way u do,,damm id be all dat!! neways !! jlo well i d tell u this fo sure you gonna win gurfriend!! peace out!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Steve says:

    I’ll bet pam anderson is enjoying the credit embarrassment