Uncovering Some Truth Behind Rumors

As with most rumors, they should be taken lightly. Thanks to Deb for pointing us to this article, who also contributed to it, which explains some of the extravagant spending recently reported on this site. We’ve taken some excerpts from that article which may be viewed below.

Last week we told you about Jennifer Lopez’s “diva-sized demands” on the set of Bordertown, where J. Lo plays a Chicago journalist investigating the murders of young girls at Mexican factories.

What we neglected to mention, alongside her requests for a deluxe motor home and $10,000/day hairstylist budget, was the fact that it’s Jennifer’s own Nuyorican Productions that’s involved in the film. Nuyorican’s financial involvement isn’t exactly clear, and it’s unlikely Lopez’s demands are coming entirely out of her pocket, but it gives the singer-actress a little more leeway in the game of PR divadom.

Further, we mentioned co-star Antonia Banderas is doing just fine without regular movie set luxuries. But on the day we received the information, it seems the crew was filming in New Mexico at the Albuquerque Tribune’s offices – where Antonio was not, as the script doesn’t require him to film any scenes “in Chicago.” That doesn’t necessarily mean tales of his restricted ego are false, just that they weren’t really in play on the day we spoke.

20 Responses to “Uncovering Some Truth Behind Rumors”

  1. jarekch says:

    There you go isn’t just easer to tell the truth instead of making up false stories about Jennifer and upsetting her fans and friends!? Very good jlo.net, good that this was said.

  2. ap says:

    weird ? ?

  3. ap says:

    k i get it sorry am little sick lol jennifer #1

  4. courtney says:

    thanks for postin

  5. jlofan#1 says:

    jennifer rox she can do way beta then marc anthoney can’t wait till they finally break up.is she actually pregnant?i dont think so

  6. omar says:


  7. courtney says:

    i hope that marc anthony and jennifer lopez stay together 4eva cuz i think they are the best couple ever and i kinda think she is pregant but i hope she cuz i think that she would be like the best mom in the world

  8. ap says:

    havent we been through marc and jen thing already drop it and get over it “jlofan#1” i guess what u want is for her not to be happy and be alone she is her own person so she doesnt need ur opinion on her relationship k am out

  9. SoulSimon says:

    OT but still marc aint good enough for Jennifer every fan should get that.

  10. olivia says:

    AP… Iagree with you 100% jlos is her own person and can make her own desicions. She doesn’t need anyone to decide her life decisions. She’s happy with marc and so wut if shes a lil less famous shes HAPPY. If you care so much about her than youll want her to be happy “jlofan#1”. Is she preg? don kno but i think shell be a great ma ma

  11. jarekch says:

    Exactly “ap” and “olivia”, Jennifer’s personal life belongs to her only, you’ve got that!? LOL,
    what a …

  12. Juan says:

    OMAR she’s not droping Cherry Pie In THE USA!!!! From what i heard she is droping step into my world,i already heard the remix! or She probably not even droping a single at all!!

  13. lukas says:

    jen you are cute, continue in what you do right now and be cool as usual. you personally said that rumours got you laughin’ kid… remember it, put god first and stay real. pleeeeeeeeeease*

  14. anamarie says:

    It`s her own decision! we can`t tell her what to do!! we just know her as a artist , but not as a person. Has anybody here met her? no. If she loves him, she should be with him. I`ts her own life and that what ur talking about is her privacy!! btw I hate rumors, they`re all lies! she`s not pregnant! so what if she requests for a deluxe motor home and $10,000/day hairstylist budget? I`ts coming from her pocket, and she earned every penny on her own! go jen!

  15. jiin says:

    thank you….

  16. anamarie says:

    she`s gonna win. britney is just imitating her! jen first came up with an idea of having her perfume and clothing line. She`s 2 much creative 2 compete with britney. It`s an insult for her to say she`s competiting with britney- she`s not a real artist, she`s fake like the other ones!

  17. jlofan#1 says:

    ok so i get it jen can make her own decisions herself but marc still isnt gud enough 4 her but its her life and her decision.

  18. Ruth Cardona says:

    JLO and Mark for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Hell with everyone Love each other suppot each other always go to bed Happy with each other alwaymake up. I love you both

  19. Stephanie says:

    first of all i’d like to say that i love jen so much and no matter what she does i’ll always love her! And if she loves marc so be it! nobody can change that! It’s her choise and if you love her you follow her choise!! I just want her to be happy and if it’s marc that makes her happy?! well so be it! then there’s no problem! So stop saying he isn’t good enough!!When someone makes someone happy,isn’t that good?! what are you saying she was better off with ben? the guy who chieded on her ??? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!

  20. landy nova says:

    marc and J-lo belong togeter and you can clearly see that she is looking for real love and marrage . what they need is a few little ones running around and that would strenten the bond between them and for the two of them to seek the lord Jesus .Amen Landy Nova,,,,,, a Friend