Ben Reportedly Misses His Toe Sucking Days

Ben Affleck reportedly misses his infamous toe-sucking sessions with former fiancée Jennifer Lopez.

The Hollywood heartthrob, who is now romancing screen beauty Jennifer Garner, is said to have told friends his new lover doesn’t share JLo’s bizarre fetish, known as “shrimping”.

A pal of the actor revealed: “Ben was embarrassed when his toe-sucking exploits were revealed. But he’s been joking that it’s the only thing he misses about J.Lo.”

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32 Responses to “Ben Reportedly Misses His Toe Sucking Days”

  1. babes says:

    I’m sorry, but that’s just plain nasty. To think of my girl JLo doing that on Ben’s feet? Ughhh, it’s not attractive at all.

  2. me says:

    ben affleck is an idiot ! such a child

  3. CzarCastic says:

    It doesn’t really imply anywhere that Jennifer was doing it, or who was really.

  4. Joy1282 says:

    I just thought the story was funny 🙂 Who knows if anythng like that would be true or not-I doubt it’s something that Jen or Ben ever talked publicly about- I guess that’s why the writer’s have to use such vague sources.

  5. Franky says:

    I don’t believe anything Ben says…….he’s just mad

  6. Erin says:

    i belevie it, but who the hell cares? lol. they were in a relationship, i mean you do stuff like that w/ people when ur in a relationship w/ them…but bens only talkin to the media b/c hes mad they broke up, so hes trying to say anything negative/embarassing about jennifer that he can…

  7. Dorsainvil says:

    Ben just mad cuz he lost the most beautiful girl in the whole world.

  8. Linda says:

    They were in love. People do things at the moment and that was something that they shared as a loving couple. I think it was pretty intimate. I still think that Jen and Ben were the perfect couple. There was just so much jealousy surrounding them. Also, just imagine what else they would do?? Pretty hot…..

  9. marcus says:

    i don’t believe anything ben says! he is so primitive! omg…no wonder jen left him! “But he’s been joking that it’s the only thing he misses about J.Lo.” he is such a bastard! now you all know why i liked p.diddy and cris better. he is lucky jennifer gave him a chance! who would date that trailer-trash looking…? jen is my girl…but i don’t know what she was thinking dating him! ewwww!

  10. matty3w says:

    My theory is that Ben refuses to take responsibity for his role in Bennifer, and is somewhat desperate to salvage his career. He is so low-class to ‘dis Jen. Anyone remember after their break-up how he referred to their “ten-minute” sex together?

    This is the guy who once took out a full-page ad in a Hollywood trade paper to sing her praises (while she was still married to Cris Judd)! He sure looked like he enjoyed flaunting his spending on gifts for her and family members at the time. I’m not predicting anything, but sometimes I wonder if he is now getting cold feet about marrying Jen Garner.


  11. matty3w says:

    Oops ! I have to take back that last sentence, it seems.. I just read on-line that the National Enquirer is reporting that Bennifer #2 just got hitched last night in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Never Well, at least that’s what it says.


  12. Courtney says:

    ok I just thought the story was funny
    okey i dont believe it at all and anyways who cares its just nasty to think about anyways

  13. jarekch says:

    Nasty rumor, looks like Ben couldn’t keep his mouth shut about his/her personal things and it was result of it, made up stories and they had headache to run from. Yeah like they, who ever made it up was a mattress or was hiding under their bed, what a Balloony, LOL.

  14. Kevin says:


  15. marcus says:

    first of all, the bastard only married Jennifer Garner because she’s carrying his child! second of all, since most of his movies are failures…he is trying to gain some media attention. just like that american idol contestant corey clark (talking about his relationship with paula abdul.) he needs to face the facts…he is a has-been and he’s just jealous because jen has found love and has been very successful with Shall We Dance, Monster In Law, Get Right, and the platinum album Rebirth. and, he’s mad because jennifer has been saying that she is happier now. (in interviews with oprah and shows like 106&park, ellen, the view, and the today show.) he’s like a bucket of cold water trynna cool her off! and its a damn shame that people like him are so primitive and have nothing better to do! like i said earlier…that moth****cker is such a bastard and he is gonna get his!

  16. Me says:

    J.Lo marrying Marc Anthony four days after his divorce, with a baby less then a year old, well she is no saint either Kevin.

    I seriously doubt Ben gives a second of thought about her.
    J.Lo is the one who keeps talking about him in the press. Like when she sold her houses she claimed she did because being in them reminded her of the goodtimes with Ben.

    They are BOTH old enough to take responsibilty for what they created as BENNIFER.

    Worst thing a fan can do is make her out to be a victim. We know she isn’t. She was cheating on Cris with Ben and she was the one married. Both share that sin. Her even more. She needs to start behaving like an adult. She is too old for childish games.

  17. soccerfan says:

    i love ben! he just told the truth!

  18. marcus says:

    Hey Me. Let me tell you something! Ben is a has-been. He’s only trying to gain media attention. And you’re right…they are both old enough to take responsibility for what they created as Bennifer…but that’s about it. And how do you know she cheated on Cris? Where you there? Did they tell you? Exactly!

  19. Me says:

    soccerfan, J.Lo was seen smooching Ben the day before she announced her divorce to Cris. Denying she has made huge mistakes and turning a blind eye as she continues to behave reckless is what is giving critics and haters more ammunition against her. She needs to own up to her part in doing things wrong and stop repeating the errors.

    Fans have to get honest if we are going to help her. No major film studio is touching her, neither are record labels. Her days are numbered, time for some tough love.

    “A day after Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 32nd birthday snuggling with Ben Affleck, the actress filed for divorce today (7/25) from her husband Cris Judd.”

  20. lux says:

    Couples usually separate long before filing for divorce. That was probably the case with Jennifer and Cris.

  21. Me says:

    lux, J.Lo was only married to Cris 8 months. How long after they married did they seperate? This is the problem. Making excuses for her. Cris himself said she would throw him off the set of Gigli to cosy up to Ben. She cheated, the pictures on the set of gigli inbetween breaks show her fondling Ben. Then with her marrying Marc Anthony while he still had a baby less then a year old with his first wife. This is why they both are hated by the Latin Community at large. Her Spanish album won’t sell because she isn’t being a lady.

  22. SoulSimon says:

    First of all J have admited the shrimping thing she have said that many times but yeah i guess most of ya guys wasn’t listening the news then but who cares.

  23. jarekch says:

    Well, if they’ve done big stinky dudu, they’ve done that to themselves, none of you was hurt because of that. You don’t have to remind all this, it’s past, bad one, any normal and good human being knows that.We’re not the ones who will judge them for this, “Me”. Hate is the only way? What about forgiveness, love about what Jennifer all the time is speaking, singing and acting. They have lot’s of time ahead, they can still make up. Life is short, after that it doesn’t matter if some one is rich or poor, the
    only will matter who was or is who.

  24. babes says:

    LOL-omg Marcus, you’re hilarious. I love how you are so passionate about JLo, I think you are my soul mate…if you talk the way you write, then you are a male version of me……or I am a female version of you. LOL@ your comment about ben looking like Trailer trash…..I loved her with Cris too. He was 1/2 filipino, like me! But Im happy that shes with Marc Anthony. Relationship wise, she should have never looked further than her own backyard, if you know what I mean……

  25. jarekch says:

    I’ve seen tabloids started all over again. Why you all freaking out anyway, like it was something new. Jennifer should start to place warning stickers on all her products, ” Warning, emotional attachment to J.LO strongly not recommended!”, LOL.

  26. Madonna says:

    Yes, it is very sexy, he has clean feet…so that’s good…. if only it was recorded.

  27. jlofan#1 says:

    hey “me” who do u think u r criticizing jennifer for mistakes she has done in the past im sure u have done things u regret in your life too isn’t jennifer allowed to be human just because she is a superstar doesnt mean shes not human .And by the way us her fans are not making excuses for her we are supporting her like real fans should.If ur not a fan then what r u doing here???

  28. kel says:

    I think is so low of ben to talk about jlo like that he is just jealous of her because she is gething throug He is a big LOSSER but jlo will get through all right and ben will suffer a lot but people like ben you dont whish bad for them because bad will reach them .so do your think jen dont matter what no one say i will all ways love you k.

  29. Pappu Kalani says:

    Boys , toe suckig is fun, ask a toe fettish guy like me, Even i woild liek to see some pictures of great feale toes

  30. badboy says:

    I would love to have Jen suck my toes !

  31. Anna says:

    J. Lo has sexy feet. I would suck her toes, lick her soles…too fine

  32. leeandra says:

    i don’t care what anyone say about j.lo she is my girl. i’ve reach a point where i understand celebrity life style and beside there are worst of than her so give her a break