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Thanks to Catch for this newsbit:

This is a very interesting detailed account of Jen’s shooting days spent at the Tribune for “Bordertown.” Ms. Krueger (responsible for the articles) writes with fascinating descriptions, taking us the closest we could get into the set of the film. No article of Jen has been this up-close-and-personal backstage.

Check it out here! Very interesting read.

7 Responses to “Bordertown Blog”

  1. Me says:

    J.Lo needed five people to walk her dog? Sorry, she needs to grow up and start taking her life seriously. After Rebirth, she should have tried harder to be “Normal”. These things she does that are so outrageous work against her.

    Marc sounds like a fruitloop. He needs to leave J.Lo alone and go see his kids.

  2. Mikey Lo says:

    Wow that really is a great, interesting read.
    I didn’t know Jen had a Pomeranian? Just a small white dog she carried on the set of JFTB and a cat she confessed she had in some interview (perhaps Jay Leno..?). So it’s probably not even her dog. If it is, I doubt she would WASTE money on employing 5 dog walkers for one dog. It’s beyond diva behavior – it’s just crazy and ridiculous.
    Anyways can’t wait to see the first pictures of Jen on the set of her upcoming cherry pie video. 🙂

  3. K. says:

    Look here. what makes you think thats true? i mean you dont know jennfier or marc so dont judge. all these stories are stupid stories. believe me. And if your so against jennifer then dont bother to post or read stuff about her. let her live her own life. who are we to judge her every move. Shes a great person and an inspiration to many, including me. Everyone needs to stop focusing so much on her personal life and let her live her life. I love you jennifer!!

  4. Catch says:

    We don’t have to believe everything that is written about Jen. It’s fascinating to read about what people write about her, but as responsible fans, we should care about Jen as a person, not just as an artist or famous personality.

    I’m sure you’ve all watched her amusing appearance on Will & Grace, where she asks Will if he finds People/Us/etc articles on her personal life entertaining. And Will, with pure humorous intention, says “Oh, God, yes”. As real lovers of Jennifer Lopez “the person”, this shouldn’t be the case with us. We find stories about her interesting, but we don’t find them entertaining.


  5. matty3w says:

    Hi ~ I’m starting to think that true fans have to take it on ourselves to set the press straight, because ignoring false, negative publicity doesn’t always make it go away. (Where are her publicists?) Recent news blip that “diva” Jen is again making selfish demands on an set of indy film “Bordertown,” has her putting the whole project at risk. Co-star Antonio Banderas was praised for his cooperation and flexibility.

    At least the editor at read my e-mail and replied. . He wrote a semi-recant , admitting Jen’s company Nuyorican is producing “Bordertown.” He also checked out the Albuquerque Tribune that we’ve been able to read here, and admitted that Antonio’s opinion was not even a factor.

    Still, there’s a VILE write-up in about our “diva” and the editor has not replied to my note so far …

    Will close w/ the Jossip follow-up:

    Thanks for listening,

  6. melba says:

    i love jlo.she is the matter what is said about her,she is always the beautiful and talented jlo i know.

  7. PV Marlin Sportfishing says:

    She is and always will be. Jlo has got it all.