“Rebirth”/”Get Right” Certified

Rebirth has officially been certified by the RIAA as 1x Platinum.

The “Get Right” single is also certified as being 1x Platinum.

43 Responses to ““Rebirth”/”Get Right” Certified”

  1. jarekch says:

    Congrats to Jennifer, and next set of Platinum for her collection, hehe. 🙂

  2. ap says:

    thats good took a while but we got there !!

  3. Saleh says:

    This was certified in May actually! So this is a VERY late post….

  4. marcus says:

    yes…yes…yes! i knew Rebirth wasn’t gonna be a flop!!!

  5. Courtney says:

    ~*~*~*~*~*Great Work Jennifer~*~*~*~*~*
    ~*~*~*Cant wait for UR Next Album~*~*~*

  6. CzarCastic says:

    Saleh, there’s a link over here somewhere:


    that says Contact Us or Submit News. Either one works….

  7. #1 jlo fan says:

    YAY this great im so happy i cant speak great

  8. Denian says:

    Congrats jennifer hope to meet u soon;)

  9. james says:

    The album is still a flop. Just because it went pltnm, doesn’t mean anything. The album came out in March it took until May to get pltnm status. Her album is number 106 on the charts. I mean 50 cent came out around the same time and he is still in the top 15. Mariah Carey was released in April and still in the top 5, with a hot single. J.Lo needs to work real hard on her next album, and focus more on dance tracks instead of trying to sing ballods or singing for that matter.

  10. marcus says:

    Rebirth may not have done as well as Jen’s previous 4 albums…but since the album has gone 1x platinum, it’s not actually a flop. and james, i do agree with u. jen needs to work harder on her next album and i think she should have better producers. she should keep cory rooney and rodney jerkins, and maybe even Tim & Bob, but i think she needs to bring back p.diddy and emilio estefan. and she should even get jermaine dupri. but right now…we’re talking about Rebirth. And Rebirth isn’t a flop. Anyway…CONGRATULATIONS JEN! This is another platinum that u can add to your collection!

  11. Andra says:

    I think is great!!!!!!i love the album….Congratulations Jennifer Lopez:)!!!!!!

  12. jarekch says:

    Congrats is a kind of like slang guys. Let’s say it nice and proper way, Congratulations Jennifer, Woohoo we’re all so happy for you!!!

  13. jarekch says:

    James, how can you say that, doesn’t mean anything. Listen carefully, it really doesn’t matter if album is #1 or #106 in the charts, it depends on people votes who listen to all kinds of music. Platinum album is a award and recognition for excellence of music art and it stands for something, if I’m not mistaken, and album is not a flop, it is very well done, many people love it, hehe. But it’s normal, haters
    have always something silly to say.

  14. lily says:

    Th album is a flop people, 659,000 to date she won’t sell a million. 2 or 3 more weeks and she’s out of Billboard 200.

  15. jarekch says:

    Little more of optimism people, let’s hope that it will sell a million and maybe a billion,
    hahaha. BOOOOO haters, shooo, shooo freaking pests, go away. LOL.

  16. Lil_KIM says:

    The album was certified platinum 4/14/2005
    “Get right” was certified platinum 4/29/2005.

    OLD news. check riaa.com

  17. matty3w says:

    Platinum Certified ” flop ” ? = Got Wrong

    Congratulations, Jen!

  18. marcus says:

    Like Jarekch said, the position on the Billboard charts doesn’t matter. The album has been certified platinum…it’s not a flop! And like I said earlier, CONGRATULATIONS JEN! HERE’S ANOTHER PLATINUM RECORD U CAN ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION!

  19. Jessica Taylor says:

    Jennifer Lopez is the prettiest woman today. She multi- talented and she is very successful at what she does. im glad her cd rebirth went platinum.She is one of my favorite singers and actresses and im glad shes making it good for herself. She can sing, act, and dance. I use to watch jennifer lopez as one of the dancers on IN LIVING COLOR, and i thought to myself that this girl is good at dancing and she’s gonna make it big in the future. and she did!! i just want to say rhank you jennifer for being such a good role model.

  20. can says:

    congratulations jennifer lopez. i am so happy for you. that is a wonderful thing. but u should work on more dance songs..like love dont cost a thing or aint it funny. you are a latina. u should do latin dance. u have a great body. use it! again!

  21. Newton says:

    Techinically the album isn’t a flop since it has been certified platinum but by music industry standards and for an artist like J.Lo, the album is a flop. It fell down the charts super quickly and I’m sorry but numbers on the charts do matter. Glitter and Charmbracelet for Mariah were both certified platinum but they’re still considered flops since they produced one or no hit singles and were quickly over looked. I think J.Lo should do an all dance album with no ballads and mask her lack of vocal skills like Britney does. AND DON’T USE/STEAL PEOPLE’s OLD BEATS!!

  22. jarekch says:

    Who stole what? What are you saying boy? Does hate bland you so badly? Do you know at least who Newton was or you want to find out, just kidding, LOL.

  23. James says:

    Let me set the record straight. Rebirth is not a good album. NO I’m not hating, why? because I have two of her albums. I’m just a huge fan of music and do not like when aritst give me bull on an album. I am a huge fan of Mariah’s since day one. Even she has let me down with a album or two. The facts are and always will stand, Rebirth is a flop. J.lo tried to give us a little more of a personal album, something that came from her heart. News flash people how can something come from the heart and you don’t even write it. She has taken the wrong road as far as music stands. She is not a singer (at all!) she is just like Miss Jackson. Focus on the dance tracks.
    Also for those who don’t know J.Lo does use other people’s beats and songs. Get Right belonged to Usher (I heard his version). There is another song on REBIRTH that was made for Brandy, but never made it on the album so J.Lo came and scooped it up. If you listen close you can hear Brandy in the backround.
    Funny thing is her own fans in Philly don’t even like the album. She is a strong women and smart, she will rise again once she realizes where she stands as far as music goes.
    Trust me when I say, J.Lo would want to get her albums in the top ten of billboard. She, once again doesn’t write her own or produce, so the more her album sells the more money she gets. Since she lacks the writting ability the less her album sells the less she gets, and the more the writters get.
    I would like to take the time to say CONGRATS TO MARIAH FOR GOING 3x’s PLTNM!!!!!!! She has the number 2 album and the number 1 single. Thats how you come back on top of your game. J.Lo I have faith in you and all you do…good luck

  24. jlosuks says:

    Jennifer Lopez’s album flopped horribly. It has not even sold 700,000 copies in the U.S….and for an artist with name recognition like Jennifer Lopez, that is simply pathetic.

    And try not to label me a hater. I own two copies of this god-foresaken album (the Standard version and the DualDisc).

    CONGRATS MARIAH!!! 3X Platinum in less than 3 months! You’ve got the #1 Single and the #2 album in the country!!!!

  25. marcus says:

    Rebirth isn’t one of Jen’s best albums…but it is okay. With songs like Get Right, Step Into My World, Whatever U Wanna Do, Cherry Pie, and I Got U. Even songs like I,Love, Ryde or Die, and He’ll Be Back are okay. But I think that Jen needs to go back to her roots, like she did with On The 6 and J.Lo. When you listen to those two albums…you get a sense of Jennifer. There are songs on both of those albums that reflect her latin heritage, her hip-hop and r&b style, her pop style, and the flare that is…Jennifer Lopez. No Me Ames, Ain’t It Funny, Carino, Dame, and Si Ya Se Acabo reflect Jen’s latin heritage. Feelin’ So Good, Should’ve Never, Open Off My Love, It’s Not That Serious, Love Don’t Cost A Thing, and Secretly reflect her hip-hop and r&b style. If You Had My Love, Waiting For Tonight, I’m Real, Play, and Walking On Sunshine reflect her pop style. Let’s Get Loud, Come Over, That’s Not Me, Dance With Me, and That’s The Way give us that J.Lo flare! For her next album, she needs to bring it. Let us step into her world! And she needs to get different producers. She can keep Cory Rooney and Rodney Jerkins…and maybe even Tim & Bob and Timbaland. But she needs to bring back P.Diddy and Emilio Estefan! She needs to get other producers like Jermaine Dupri, Kanye West, The Neptunes, Lil Jon, and even Jazze Pha! And try writing more songs and doing better collaborations, like All I Have! She needs to do a collaboration with Nelly, Ja Rule, Snoop Dogg, T.I., Ludacris, Missy Elliot, or someone like that!

  26. jarekch says:

    Wow, what is going on, looks like some people don’t give up on their silly opinions. Listen one thing if you really don’t like Rebirth album why you bother with it at all and come here and cause disturbance? You like Mariah ( never heard of anyway, LOL ) or who ever, go there and talk about it, this is Jennifer Lopez place. One more thing DON’T ever accuse Jennifer of stealing, track for Get Right was given to her to use legally and officially, she did like it and she used it, end of story!

  27. matty3w says:

    If you’re not a fan of Jen’s anymore (On-the-Six was six years ago?), you’ve said your peace. As the years go on, people become more comfortable with themselves, which helps them become more understanding of others. But you are fighting a losing battle if you think you can (or should) force your tastes on others. They will stop listening to you as well. Goodnight Mariah. ~ Deb

  28. marcus says:

    and look here…”jlosucks.” let me tell you something. like jarekch said. get right was not stolen, rich harrison produced ride 4 usher and he didn’t want it…so jen decided she wanted the beat and the two wrote different lyrics. and as for the brandy song…ryde or die. brandy decided she didn’t want the song…so the producers offered it to jennifer and she took it! so don’t hate. we don’t have time 4 hateration. okay? y don’t u go somewhere with your sorry ass?

  29. James says:

    I’ll say this. It’s pretty bad when you are a big artist like J.Lo and you’re given other artist songs as sloppy seconds. She needs to learn how to write her own music. How can you respect someone who doesn’t even put some effort into a song. Someone said she should work with the Neptunes. She tried to work with them. Pharell did an interview about some artist that he wanted to work with. They asked him about working with J.Lo, and he said “She has tied to get in touch with us, but I can’t work with her ’cause of her singing”.

  30. linkoln says:

    who fucking cares anymore…that stolen song thing was sooo 2 months ago…and no matter what, people are always gonna be either negative or positive about it, even if jennifer did get the song legally…so don’t worry about explaining it to some haterz coz they don’t wanna listen anyway.

  31. jlolopez says:

    that’s only shipment of the album which is not the real selling number. and we can’t say it’s a flop, but let’s face the fact , mariah carey ‘s new album has sold like 2.2 million, so compared to that, it’s a flop.

  32. kb23 says:

    that album tanked!

  33. matty3w says:

    Blah – blah – blah .

    Sounds like somebody’s insecure…

    Jen must be doing even Better than we thought !

    Thanks, lol.

  34. Newton says:

    I know I’m guilty of this but we can’t compare Mariah and J.Lo. 2 different artists. J.Lo’s last album outsold Mariah’s and now Mariah’s outselling J.Lo but there is absolutely no comparison.

  35. marcus says:

    Thank you Newton! I’m tired of everyone comparing the two. Mariah is a singer…a great singer. On the other hand. Jennifer is a entertainer. A dancer, an actress, a singer, fashion designer, fragrance designer, restauranteur, choreographer, and a business woman. Two different people!

  36. Giovannie says:

    Wow. People have so many opinions. I think it’s hilarious. Well i believe i am the biggest Jennifer fan. I love her and i always will. What pisses me off is how people comppare her to Mariah whatever her name is. People say Jenny cant sing but honestly have you heard Mariah all she does is whisper and then at the end of everys ong she hurts your eardrums with taht annoying high pitched scream/ whisper that you wish would go away. ITS NOT SINGING PEOPLE! Anyway I think “Rebirth” is a great album. The only thing that i see is that it’s more americanized. But hey you got to do what you got to do right? I agree that Jenny should have a few Spanbish songs on her next album and do some collabos with different artist like Missy, and maybe even get together again with PUFFY. I think it would be awesome to see her do a song with a female. Like Christina Aguilera, or Lil’ Kim and definately hook up with Janet Jackson again. Maybe JA RULE. Anyway Jenny has been holding it down for years now and although I wish What You Wanna Do or Step Into My World was her next Single I am happy that she has decided to come out with Cherry Pie. It reminds me of Play or I’m Real. She is awesome and i love the fact that a latina is doing her thing in the industry because we constantly aren’t praised. Well Mariah whats her name lovers, I hope you buy ear plugs for when youi are listening to her shity album. By the way all the songs sound thae same. (AND WHY CANT SHE GET KNEW PEOPLE IN HER VIDEOS?)-GIO

  37. john says:

    the reason people always compare mariah and jlo is because of the so-called rivalry they have…yet have the two even met? they’re both talented in their own right (even if you hate mariah, i don’t think you can deny she isn’t a great singer…but you can hate her actual songs if ya want…) and they’ve both been successful. Rebirth has some great single choices on it so it still has life anyway!!!

  38. marcus says:

    omg Giovannie…i agree with you! and it would be so hot to see jen do a collaboration with Lil Kim or Janet Jackson!

  39. jarekch says:

    REBIRTH today became Super Platinum record, because I purchased one in WalMart, someone who grew up with Hard Rock music, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Saxon, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd,
    Van Hallen, Metalica, Jean Michael Jare, Mike Oldfield, later all kinds of pop, disco, techno, trans, classic, music. I don’t really like rap and jazz, maybe some of it I’m ok with. Most of the songs I’ve heard from the net, and I really like it, so let’s make it 1,500,001 sold world wide and F*** YOU haters. LOL.

  40. J.LO RULEZ says:

    i’ve got rebirth it’s da best.I can’t wait till she gets her next album out

  41. kel says:

    james should put his head in a bag and never take it out back .And i think i am the bigest jennifer lopez fan. so do your thing jen, your album did well and you will always do well in my book ok so do your thing ok .

  42. Tyrone says:

    How interesting that people who don’t like an artist come tho the ARTIST’S WEBSYT to make their comments heard. Meanwhile, they can’t even sell lemonade to save their life.

    Congratulations, Jennifer…. I wish you all the best in your life.

  43. Johnny says:

    If you like this song you should listen to the song that the sample was lifted from. Maceo Parker – Soul Power ’74. Far superior to anything J-Lo or Usher will ever make.