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Tribarazzi: This movie magic takes a long spell

This is so not glamorous.

The cast and crew of “Bordertown,” starring Jennifer Lopez and Martin Sheen, have been shooting and reshooting for 12 hours so far Monday on this first day of production at the same building that houses The Tribune.

And still there are at least three hours to go before it’s a wrap.

A wrap. That’s Hollywood talk for we are outta here.

All this work for what amounts to little more than four pages of script.

“That’s an ambitious day,” one production assistant says.

They are here because “Bordertown” is an indie thriller based partly on the real killings of hundreds of women in Mexico and partly on the imagined Chicago Sentinel journalist who investigates them.

Lopez is the journalist, and our humble newsroom is the Chicago Sentinel. Now that’s acting.

From our vantage point, and it’s closer than we dreamed, crew members ebb and flow, stomping about in their hiking boots and staying perfectly, quietly still when director Gregory Nava shouts, “Action.”

And it’s action. And more action. And waiting. And more waiting.

This movie magic is hard work.

Downstairs, four young girls giggle and blush, having just spotted Lopez making her way to the set.

“I love her music,” one says.

“I didn’t even know it was her,” another says.

“She waved, I think,” another says. “Maybe it wasn’t a wave.”

The girls are attending a newspaper camp and just happened upon the movie set. But other curious folks have plotted out their moves inside the building, hoping for a glimpse of celebrity, something to tell their friends, some second of glamour.

One woman just misses Lopez ascending the stairs to the office where Monday’s scene is being shot. After two hours, the woman leaves, the smile she arrived with long faded.

But we see Lopez close enough to note the perfect skin, the gold cross necklace, the silver bracelets. On set she is dressed in simple slacks and jacket and untucked blouse. And we think, yes, sure, she maybe could portray us reporters if we had just kept up our health spa memberships.

Lopez is not smiling, either. The scene she is performing is intense. She is fighting with her editor, Sheen, who is reluctant to run her story about the unsolved killings.

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Jennifer Lopez: No fur an answer
In the lobby of LA’s Four Seasons Hotel I’m checked, re-checked, probed, prodded, x-rayed and branded with a sparkly, pink, wristband. Then I get the all-clear from a burly, black-suited CIA-looking fellow to interview Jennifer Lopez about her latest movie, Monster-in-Law.

Lopez has received death threats for wearing animal fur and mink eyelashes in her latest music video, Hold you Down, and for using fur in her new fashion line, Sweetface.

There was a pre-interview warning: no fur questions or Lopez will walk out.

The 35-year-old has a US$350 million ($495 million) fashion and fragrance empire, has sold 35 million CDs, and gets US$12 million ($17 million) a picture.

The Puerto Rican beauty, who boasts that her struggling years consisted of missed meals when she was just “Jenny from the block” (that’s a block in the Bronx, you understand), has transformed herself into a global institution.

The acting began with some impressive offerings in the late 1990s, although later films – such as Shall We Dance and Gigli – have struggled. The pop career snowballed after the United States box-office success of Selena (1997), in which Lopez played murdered singer Selena Perez.

It was the “Bennifer” media circus surrounding her relationship with Ben Affleck – which ended in January 2004 – that threw a spanner in the works. Lopez admits she at first welcomed the attention. “I don’t want to complain. I take responsibility for the fact that I didn’t make adjustments. Now I’m a little more careful. I travel in a certain way. I leave at a certain time. I learned.”

In a black, figure-hugging, backless Fendi dress which accentuates her precious derriere, with her earlobes and wrists dripping with diamonds, with chocolate-brown doe-eyes, flawless cinnamon skin, and cascading honey-highlighted hair, she’s breathtakingly gorgeous.

“I think that’s an aspect of being in this business – you have a public persona,” she says in her strong Bronx accent. “Who you really are, that’s your own thing. You have to hold on to that yourself. Your family knows what is all true, but it’s all about keeping a focus on the work.”

Monster-in-Law marks the end of Jane Fonda’s 14-year absence from the big screen. Lopez laughs at how she worked out to Fonda’s exercise tapes in the 1980s and says she was anxious at the prospect of working with the 67-year-old Oscar-winner.

“I couldn’t be scared and I had to gain her respect,” she smiles. “I had butterflies in my stomach. But at the end of the day, I had to bring to the table what they were paying me for.”
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Jennifer shatters independent movie’s budget

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly putting the future of her latest movie in jeopardy – with a series of outrageous demands.

The sexy star, famed for her extravagant lifestyle, is currently shooting low-budget, independent movie Bordertown, in New Mexico.

Lopez has allegedly crippled director Gregory Nava’s tight budget with a series of diva-like demands, including insisting she was moved from her hotel to a private villa, wanting all bills paid for her $10 000 a-day hairstylist, Oribe, and asking for a luxury trailer on set.

A movie source is quoted by Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper as saying: “She doesn’t seem to realise this is an independent movie and there is no one to pay her outrageous bills.”

According to reports, the outlandish demands could even financially ruin the project, which also stars Antonio Banderas, unless new investors come in or the 35-year-old star tones down her requests.

Meanwhile, J.Lo has revealed is desperate to be a mother because she feels she has sacrificed too much of her life to her career.

The stunning diva says she now wants to step out of the limelight to become a “normal” woman and raise a family.

The star, who earlier this year sold her luxury Hollywood mansion for a more modest family home, confessed: “I want to be a mother more than anything. I’m realising that much of my life has gone. I have made sacrifices for my career.”
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17 Responses to “Jennifer News Bits”

  1. ap says:

    sounds like all bull to me so sad they put those stories up o well lol

  2. Kevin says:

    I believe she deserves to leave the limelight because after all shes is 34 or 35 and is still not a mother she wants to be able to play with her kids and not be old when there a still young!

    All fans this means that there will be no more Jenny Lo for a while! Noooooooooooooo!

    But she deserves it and I fully suport her!
    Jen u got my back!

    Just one thing the fur situation is getting way out of hand I think she need to stop wearing as much!

  3. lux says:

    I think most of that is probably completely untrue. Journalists write that diva stuff about her because people like reading it. She isn’t stupid. She knows what an independent film is. Even if she didn’t, I’m sure the producers would’ve laid everything out on the table for her before they signed her for the project.

  4. Joy1282 says:

    I of course had my doubts about the validity of the stories, but hey I am just supposed to post JLO news. I included every source and thought the fans would want to know what was being said about Jen.

  5. Teak says:

    Okay, so when are we going to hear about the 3rd single from REBIRTH??? Haven’t heard anything about the Spanish album for a while either…

  6. matty3w says:

    Hi Joy,

    I sent in the article & link to “Lopez Too Demanding for Low Budget Movie” to you, after I spotted it on I absolutely Agree with what Lux wrote above ! …

    So here’s my Question: If Jen is so “Powerful” (as per the new FORBES’ LIST cited on – then WHY do these Outrageous and Harmful articles Still roll through the News Wires??

    Jen needs this Diva Publicity like she needs a hole in the head !

    I welcome comments from true fans.

  7. Teak says:

    I totally agree that all the DIVA publicity is hurting Jen. I’ve heard the saying ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ but I seriously beg to differ. I don’t know. At this point I think Jen needs some publicity that’s more humbling and less diva-ish (I know that’s not a word, but how else can I say it?)… Once you take away the ‘diva’ thing, I believe Jen is really just a modest, family person like many people.

  8. bigiepop says:

    thanks for the post

  9. jarekch says:

    Most of it sounds like BS to me too but some of it maybe true. No, peta bastards getting out of control and maybe FBI should take care of it
    finally. Jennifer is a citizen of USA and has rights to freedom like any other one, period and stupid peta separatists must cut this crap for good at once.

  10. me says:

    i heard sumtin’ bout’ she dont want to have a baby she wants to adopt.. what have u guyz heard ?

  11. CoUrTnEY AKA SpArKy says:

    um not herd anything about the adopting with jlo but i think its a lie cuz she has always said that she wanted baby but whatever she may do i wish her the best cuz jlo u rock

  12. jarekch says:

    Just whole bunch of rumors, all the time, like always. Think about it, Jennifer says all the time that she is a normal woman and want to stay that way always, also she wants to be normal mother and have normal, her own child one day, maybe soon. I think for now maybe Jennifer and Marc are not ready yet, maybe they have some things to work out yet and something to do or achieve. Having child and family is a big responsibility and she does realize that.

  13. matty3w says:

    Most recently I read that Jen and Marc were considering adoption, to help take the pressure off
    trying to conceive for the past year, But That was according to last week’s InTouch magazine.


  14. courtney says:

    i read this in the star magazine that it said that she once had a fertility problem and that she might no be able to have a child but in the magazine she looks pregant so i dont know

  15. Teak says:

    I had no idea Jen was having a hard time conceiving… I just thought she was gonna wait until the time was right for a hiatus from her careers?

  16. jarekch says:

    Oh yeah, star magazine, reliable source of rumors. Year ago Jennifer warned them if they again come up with some kind of balloonies about her, it will end up in court. Just wondering….?

  17. ap says:

    come on u guys r smarter than to read star or any tabloids just listen to what comes out of her mouth not of what someone else writes or posts