Jennifer Lopez On Forbes Top 100 Celeb Power List

Jennifer Lopez is #24 on the recently released list of the top 100 most powerful celebs as decided by Forbes. She was also ranked in 4 sub-categories: pay rank, web rank, press rank, & tv rank. In those categories she was #63, #6, #25, & #18 respectively. The #1 spot this year overall went to Oprah Winfrey.

15 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez On Forbes Top 100 Celeb Power List”

  1. zakes says:

    hey guys how much did jlo make this year from SWEETFACE & JLO PRODUCTS and how is her new perfume doing interms of sales

  2. JloFan says:

    we dont know …. we will know this info next year maybe or at the end of this year …. sweetface is brand new this year so … we have to wait !

  3. xox says:

    Her new perfume Miami glow is a must for fragrance lovers! it doesn’t matter if your a girl or a guy its a beautiful summer fragrance that rocks!!!! it smells delicious, fresh, and fun!! a must have ya’ll!

  4. Kevin says:


  5. courtney says:

    ~*~*~ miami glow rox~*~*~*

  6. Me says:

    Actually SweetFace is three years old now.

    The plus size department has been discontinued. I read so will the lingerie line by Fall. Bad sign Macy’s hasn’t picked up the couture from Fashion Week. J.Lo needs to sit back and regroup.

  7. zakes says:

    i think jennifer should introduce new faces for SWEETFACE i had ANNA KOURNIKOVA in mind i mean she is natural and beatiful this will create alot of attention and it will bring good publicity to SWEETFACE & JLO PRODUCTS

  8. Me says:

    J.Lo needs to stop with the stunts Zakes and start putting quality behind her name.

    BorderTown is going to give her a foot in the door back or break her. I do not think it is a good sign she wasn’t on the set or rehearshing until two days before shooting.

  9. Juan says:

    I think “I GOT YOu” is the third Single from Rebirth.. I heard it on the radio..

  10. JOSE says:

    I admire JLO..she is a representation of the successful latina woman today…Regardless of the what people say, or who the media tries to pair her up in competition with (i.e. Beyonce,Mariah, etc) one thing is clear..she cannot be compared to any of them…she is her own entity and her success go way beyond vocalists…she is much more than that…my hats off to her….and to my fellow fans…believe me..the grammy and the oscar are coming….critics forgot how many bad films julia and halle were in….even meryl streep took like 20 years to get an oscar…i think the people just hate that she blew up overnight,,but forget she struggled to there…whatever, she’s my DIVA

  11. ap says:

    jose i agree with u all the way …….jennifer rocks ……

  12. zakes says:

    before quality you need popularity i’m sorry if jlo does not sell then where is the quality going to come from she needs new faces to out win GWEN STEPHANI & EVE and by the way even louis vitarn is using the same strategy(of having a celebrity on their adverts).at the end of the day it’s all about profits and you need popularity and distribution to succeed in busness. I have no doubt that jlo production has quality she is a classy but the question is does the girl/boy next doors know that???????? and the only way people will know about jlo’s quality is when the see,hear and buy jlo products

  13. Newton says:

    J.Lo winning a Grammy? I don’t know about that…not with this album at least…

  14. me says:

    what she really needs is to take out a hot video for step into my world and leave everyone with their mouth open, then start a freakin tour ! release the spanish album and she will be well on her way

  15. mehdi says:

    i love your voice!!!