Jen’s Hubby Marc Anthony Announces Tour

Salsa star MARC ANTHONY is teaming up with fellow Latin singers ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ and CHAYANNE for a 15-city US tour this summer (05).

Anthony, husband of JENNIFER LOPEZ, believes the tour will give fans three totally different elements.

He says, “It’s a celebration of our music. It’s about passion and our language, our music.”

Pop singer Chayanne continues, “It’s a way to fuse the three genres together in one night so the audience can sing, dance and have fun.”

Fernandez notes, “(This has) never really been done in the US with Latin American singers.”

The tour will kick off in Houston, Texas, on 17 August (05).

10 Responses to “Jen’s Hubby Marc Anthony Announces Tour”

  1. courtney says:

    Houston, Texas thats aswome thats were selena sung b4 i wish they would do one in south carolina that would just be 2 cool

  2. lux says:

    Courtney, you live in SC? Cool. Where at? I live near Greenville.

  3. courtney says:

    South Carolina Yes
    I Live in Myrtle Beach

  4. zakes says:

    ok people this is who really wants to know where marc will be perfoming(ohh… the is one person that pops up in mind it’s SWEET CANDY) but anyway moving on to more important and intresting stuff jlo’s new music video>> anyone with batter source, tell us about the video……..

  5. candy says:

    His official website states that he will begin a tour in South America on July 16th – August 13th. It doesn’t mention anything about touring in the states with Chayanne and Alejandro Fernandez. I hope it’s true. I also hope he comes back to Madison Square Garden because I will so be there!!! His last concert in the Garden was the best concert I’ve ever gone to ever! I’ve seen U2 and Modonna in concert and although they are awsome preformers, they did not come close to how awsome Marc’s performace was that night. Joy, where did you read about this?

  6. Joy1282 says:

    The information came from Contact Music and to Zakes I posted the info because there are many Jennifer fans who care about what her husband is up to! 🙂

  7. Kevin says:

    why? doesnt tshe go on tour aswell!

  8. Sweet Candy says:

    Zakes, I’m glad you know me so well 😉 but I think that I’m not the only one who cares about Marc’s tour. Sweet Candy, I really like it!!! I’m changing my name.

  9. Erin says:

    like ME! b/c i love jen AND marc! lol

  10. vp says:

    Marc will always be “Massimo.” Nothing but just a really ugly monkey in Jennifer’s Life merely craving for global notoriety, whose popularity as a performer was waning even in the Latin Community and whose music career badly needed a boost. Hence, despite his terrible style, looks and philandering ways to his former wife, courted and pursued the very beautiful and multi-talented Jennifer Lopez. Come on, Marc Anthony? despite winning a Grammy will and always be, Jennifer’s Lyle Lovett! So stop posting news about this freak, who looks more like a janitor and street sweeper than a Salsa singer. Stop giving him a share of the limelight! Remember, Lynda Lopez said this guy was her favorite Salsa Singer,