Jlo Among Most Powerful 20 Songbirds

Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott are among the 20 most powerful women in music, according to Billboard magazine’s Women in Music issue. The artists were cited for their business sense, their “ability to transform their fame into a multilayered brand.” The other honorees are executive types.

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13 Responses to “Jlo Among Most Powerful 20 Songbirds”

  1. ap says:

    what her gonna be her new single or is there even gonna be one ..cause am curious what its going to be …..and when is her new and first spanish album coming out ? ooo and monster in law has made 76 million am out adios

  2. Kevin says:

    Yo guyz is Jenny gonna be porforming at the Live 8 Concert cuz I think that will bring her back! Instead of doing some MTV thing I rather see her on the list of amazing artists at the concert! It would be a great promoting thingy!

  3. Newton says:

    Is she really one of the most powerful women in music? I would say actress because she started off as an actress, not music…I won’t say anymore…

  4. ZAKES says:


  5. SoulSimon says:

    Newton: It dont matter with what u start but with what u gonna brake it down, Jen have done it with music, Jen is hittin’ big as an actress but not enough to compare that with her musical succes.BTW shes started with dancing or what?

    And yess im happy that people understand her contribution to music thats awesom that people get that shes changin’ the music.

  6. courtney says:

    awsome jennifer u rock
    so what the deal with her new single or is there even gonna be one B’cuz i wanna know

  7. me3000 says:

    Do u guys visit the Jennifer Lopez board(imdb.com) ? If not, go there and take a look, it’s very cool. Also I read this:

    Lopez gets funky in new video.
    Wed. May 18

    Pop diva goes back to the old days for her new music video “Whatever You Wanna Do”, in which she will give her fans a new taste of funk. The video is set to be in an old fashion club, in which we see Lopez flirting with a guy, I don’t want to ruin the surprise of who it is, but lets just say that the special guest is sure to “kick” things up. The video is set to premiere on TRL during “Old School Week” in June.

    no Link, got this from a JLO Forum Post

    Is it true?

  8. Jayce says:

    We dont kno if its true yet cuz there was no link but hopefully it is cuz i would love a video for ‘Whatever You Wanna Do’

  9. #1 jlo fan says:

    R U SEROUS IS WHATEVER U WANNA DO REALLY THE NEXT SINGLE……….Thats great this sis sure to bring Jlo back in the music industry,wonder who the guest is

  10. zakes says:

    well that is great it is a great song and i guess it will cause a pick up of sales but STEP INTO MY WORLD is the one guys but i hope she looks sizzzzling hottttttttttt in the new video if it’s true by the way

  11. candy says:

    Zakes for the first time it seems that I can agree 100% with you; Step into my World is definitely a much better single. That song is soooooooooo hot!! Whatever you wanna do is good too but its not as hot as Step Into my World.

  12. babes says:

    Hey, I think I have an idea of who she is flirting with in her new video……..your clue for sure set me off on the right track, I believe our mystery man is the one and only David Beckham!

  13. me3000 says:

    Hum,David Beckham! Could be him… that would be really cool, cuz I’m great fan of him too.