J.Lo And Her Giant Sparkler

People with unimaginative partners get a piece of paper to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.For the partner’s of creative types, it could be a special origami gift, or a scrapbook – but clearly none of these presents would be suitable for Jennifer Lopez.Her uber generous husband, Marc Anthony, has ditched the traditional paper gift in favour of a massive sparkly ring.

America’s Star magazine states that J.Lo and Marc never did the formal engagement thing, so he’s decided that it’s better late than never.

They quote a family friend as saying: “It sounds a little odd, but Marc and Jennifer were never really engaged – they just got married.

“So, to mark their first anniversary, Marc officially proposed, this time presenting Jennifer with an engagement ring from exclusive jeweller-to-the-stars Neil Lane.

“It’s huge, and it sparkles beyond belief. Jennifer was very excited to get it.”

The couple opted for a bit of a whirlwind marriage, tying the knot after a four-month courtship in a secret ceremony at J.Lo’s Beverly Hills mansion.

7 Responses to “J.Lo And Her Giant Sparkler”

  1. onurenu says:

    hey guys i saw jlo real nudepics is so good.but im sad.i dont want jlo nude.every stars are careful but jlo isnt.i love u so much jlo u must be careful.so marc bought a ring for jlo.ring cost is 1 million dolar.

  2. courtney says:

    1 million wow

  3. brittany says:

    wut pics are u talking about courtney

  4. zakes says:

    listen tehy are many picture of jlo naked some are just fabricated it’s not her well some photos are her where she shows her butt but thats not nudity every celeb does that it’s just being sexy

  5. courtney says:

    what do u mean wut pics am i talkin about if u want to talk to me about this my email address is charmed_p3_halliwell05@yahoo.com

  6. brittany says:

    nah i meant to ask onrenu that question not courtney

  7. courtney says:

    ok thats cool