Spanish Forum

In case you haven’t poked around our forums much lately, there’s a special subforum now just for Spanish-speaking visitors. Check out our forums and register today!

We’ve also implemented a new “Store” in the forums where users can accumulate points by posting and then buy stuff with those points. We hope to have CDs, DVDs, and other items soon. Full details on the Store can be found in this thread.

3 Responses to “Spanish Forum”

  1. JloFan says:

    Thank you so much …. i love this wb site its so good … !

  2. Erin says:

    This site is the best! Everyone should registser in the forums!!!

  3. jose lopez says:

    i luv thiz web site great job n keep givin us the 411 about the best of course j.lo. i hope she can be tourin soon too!!!! we loved to see her over here in phoenix,arizona..