Jennifer Lopez is keen to follow in JULIA ROBERTS’ shoes by locking RICHARD GERE down to another movie.

The actress loved working with the movie star in SHALL WE DANCE and wants to team up with him again – in a grittier role.

She says, “I have the perfect script and this time the roles are darker, but still with a fun element. I like Richard. I think we get on well on screen.”


  1. Carlos Cervantez says:

    We need to send Jennifer Mail so that she releases more songs of her Rebirth LP,

    Jennifer Lopez
    C/0 BWR
    9100 Wilshire Blvd
    6th Floor W.
    Beverly, Hills CA 90212

    Write her and let them know what singles you want released and why? This album is too good for her to only release one more song off of.

  2. Ron says:

    Rebirth LP?? so she really realeasing another Rebirth album? oh and it would be great that jennifer do another dance movie!!

  3. courtney says:

    thats cool i also like richard gere

  4. Eliza says:

    Shes a great actress shell do great evern with richard gere cuz the last movie waas great i mean the greatest!!!!!

  5. onurenu says:

    i watched monster in law today.its so funny.i liked so so much.and i will watch again on cinema

  6. Carlos Cervantez says:

    No LP stands is just an ALBUM….I was referring to REBIRTH..she needs to release more singles off that album..so write her and tell her u want MORE!

  7. masoud says:

    oh!!!I’m very happy from the news.this is a very very good.love you JENNIFER…

  8. Giovannie says:

    I want Jenny to pick a role where she is the bad person or the villian. I think it would be awesome. Ilove you Jenny!