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Uncovering Some Truth Behind Rumors

Thursday, June 30th, 2005

As with most rumors, they should be taken lightly. Thanks to Deb for pointing us to this article, who also contributed to it, which explains some of the extravagant spending recently reported on this site. We’ve taken some excerpts from that article which may be viewed below.

Last week we told you about Jennifer Lopez’s “diva-sized demands” on the set of Bordertown, where J. Lo plays a Chicago journalist investigating the murders of young girls at Mexican factories.

What we neglected to mention, alongside her requests for a deluxe motor home and $10,000/day hairstylist budget, was the fact that it’s Jennifer’s own Nuyorican Productions that’s involved in the film. Nuyorican’s financial involvement isn’t exactly clear, and it’s unlikely Lopez’s demands are coming entirely out of her pocket, but it gives the singer-actress a little more leeway in the game of PR divadom.

Ben Reportedly Misses His Toe Sucking Days

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

Ben Affleck reportedly misses his infamous toe-sucking sessions with former fiancée Jennifer Lopez.

The Hollywood heartthrob, who is now romancing screen beauty Jennifer Garner, is said to have told friends his new lover doesn’t share JLo’s bizarre fetish, known as “shrimping”.

A pal of the actor revealed: “Ben was embarrassed when his toe-sucking exploits were revealed. But he’s been joking that it’s the only thing he misses about J.Lo.”

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Bordertown Blog

Monday, June 27th, 2005

Thanks to Catch for this newsbit:

This is a very interesting detailed account of Jen’s shooting days spent at the Tribune for “Bordertown.” Ms. Krueger (responsible for the articles) writes with fascinating descriptions, taking us the closest we could get into the set of the film. No article of Jen has been this up-close-and-personal backstage.

Check it out here! Very interesting read.

Bordertown Article

Monday, June 27th, 2005

Thanks to genx for the heads up on this Bordertown article from the Albuquerque Tribune.

Gregory Nava knows there’s a big gulf between characters and caricatures, and bridging that distance drives him as he hones his craft.

Lauded by many film critics as a moviemaker who can deftly etch nuance and drama based on the lives – and sometimes, deaths – of real people, Nava says his film “Bordertown” will concentrate on telling a story rather than making a statement.

“It’s a thriller, a drama, a story about people. It’s not a political piece at all,” says Nava, the film’s writer and director. “That stuff is best left for books and essays and newspapers. But what I can do as a dramatist, with actors like Jennifer Lopez, Maya Zapata and Antonio Banderas, what we can do, is give some humanity to the situation.”

“Bordertown,” which is filming in Albuquerque this month, is based on the largely unsolved killings of hundreds of Mexican women in and around Juarez on the U.S.-Mexico border. Lopez plays a Chicago-based newspaper reporter sent south to investigate.

Lopez’s hot celebrity status almost certainly will bring notice to the film, but Nava says he hopes “Bordertown” will be able to offer the victims of the Juarez killings a voice, a humanity, their often unnoticed deaths never allowed.

“Rebirth”/”Get Right” Certified

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

Rebirth has officially been certified by the RIAA as 1x Platinum.

The “Get Right” single is also certified as being 1x Platinum.

“Cherry Pie” 3rd Single From “Rebirth”

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005

Jennifer Lopez’s next single will be the funky retro track ‘Cherry Pie’ – many fans’ personal favourite from her Gold-certified top ten album, ‘Rebirth’, which has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. It’s produced by Corey Rooney and Tim and Bob – they did Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’ and Bobby Valentino’s ‘Slow Down’- and is out on 29th August. Watch out for the usual slammin’ remixes!

Meanwhile, in the US, Jennifer has become only the third female artist and sixth overall to ever have their first five albums debut in the top 10 (the others are Britney Spears, LeAnn Rimes, Snoop Dogg, Ja Rule and DMX). She also becomes only the tenth female artist to have ever had five top 10 debuts.

There have been many rumors concerning the 3rd single but this should be it. This was posted on the official Sony Music UK site but there’s been no word if this will be a single in the USA too, or if there will be a different single released in the USA or no single at all.

Jennifer News Bits

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

Tribarazzi: This movie magic takes a long spell

This is so not glamorous.

The cast and crew of “Bordertown,” starring Jennifer Lopez and Martin Sheen, have been shooting and reshooting for 12 hours so far Monday on this first day of production at the same building that houses The Tribune.

And still there are at least three hours to go before it’s a wrap.

A wrap. That’s Hollywood talk for we are outta here.

All this work for what amounts to little more than four pages of script.

“That’s an ambitious day,” one production assistant says.

They are here because “Bordertown” is an indie thriller based partly on the real killings of hundreds of women in Mexico and partly on the imagined Chicago Sentinel journalist who investigates them.

Lopez is the journalist, and our humble newsroom is the Chicago Sentinel. Now that’s acting.

From our vantage point, and it’s closer than we dreamed, crew members ebb and flow, stomping about in their hiking boots and staying perfectly, quietly still when director Gregory Nava shouts, “Action.”

And it’s action. And more action. And waiting. And more waiting.

This movie magic is hard work.

Downstairs, four young girls giggle and blush, having just spotted Lopez making her way to the set.

“I love her music,” one says.

“I didn’t even know it was her,” another says.

“She waved, I think,” another says. “Maybe it wasn’t a wave.”

The girls are attending a newspaper camp and just happened upon the movie set. But other curious folks have plotted out their moves inside the building, hoping for a glimpse of celebrity, something to tell their friends, some second of glamour.

One woman just misses Lopez ascending the stairs to the office where Monday’s scene is being shot. After two hours, the woman leaves, the smile she arrived with long faded.

But we see Lopez close enough to note the perfect skin, the gold cross necklace, the silver bracelets. On set she is dressed in simple slacks and jacket and untucked blouse. And we think, yes, sure, she maybe could portray us reporters if we had just kept up our health spa memberships.

Lopez is not smiling, either. The scene she is performing is intense. She is fighting with her editor, Sheen, who is reluctant to run her story about the unsolved killings.

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Jennifer Lopez: No fur an answer
In the lobby of LA’s Four Seasons Hotel I’m checked, re-checked, probed, prodded, x-rayed and branded with a sparkly, pink, wristband. Then I get the all-clear from a burly, black-suited CIA-looking fellow to interview Jennifer Lopez about her latest movie, Monster-in-Law.

Lopez has received death threats for wearing animal fur and mink eyelashes in her latest music video, Hold you Down, and for using fur in her new fashion line, Sweetface.

There was a pre-interview warning: no fur questions or Lopez will walk out.

The 35-year-old has a US$350 million ($495 million) fashion and fragrance empire, has sold 35 million CDs, and gets US$12 million ($17 million) a picture.

The Puerto Rican beauty, who boasts that her struggling years consisted of missed meals when she was just “Jenny from the block” (that’s a block in the Bronx, you understand), has transformed herself into a global institution.

The acting began with some impressive offerings in the late 1990s, although later films – such as Shall We Dance and Gigli – have struggled. The pop career snowballed after the United States box-office success of Selena (1997), in which Lopez played murdered singer Selena Perez.

It was the “Bennifer” media circus surrounding her relationship with Ben Affleck – which ended in January 2004 – that threw a spanner in the works. Lopez admits she at first welcomed the attention. “I don’t want to complain. I take responsibility for the fact that I didn’t make adjustments. Now I’m a little more careful. I travel in a certain way. I leave at a certain time. I learned.”

In a black, figure-hugging, backless Fendi dress which accentuates her precious derriere, with her earlobes and wrists dripping with diamonds, with chocolate-brown doe-eyes, flawless cinnamon skin, and cascading honey-highlighted hair, she’s breathtakingly gorgeous.

“I think that’s an aspect of being in this business – you have a public persona,” she says in her strong Bronx accent. “Who you really are, that’s your own thing. You have to hold on to that yourself. Your family knows what is all true, but it’s all about keeping a focus on the work.”

Monster-in-Law marks the end of Jane Fonda’s 14-year absence from the big screen. Lopez laughs at how she worked out to Fonda’s exercise tapes in the 1980s and says she was anxious at the prospect of working with the 67-year-old Oscar-winner.

“I couldn’t be scared and I had to gain her respect,” she smiles. “I had butterflies in my stomach. But at the end of the day, I had to bring to the table what they were paying me for.”
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Jennifer shatters independent movie’s budget

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly putting the future of her latest movie in jeopardy – with a series of outrageous demands.

The sexy star, famed for her extravagant lifestyle, is currently shooting low-budget, independent movie Bordertown, in New Mexico.

Lopez has allegedly crippled director Gregory Nava’s tight budget with a series of diva-like demands, including insisting she was moved from her hotel to a private villa, wanting all bills paid for her $10 000 a-day hairstylist, Oribe, and asking for a luxury trailer on set.

A movie source is quoted by Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper as saying: “She doesn’t seem to realise this is an independent movie and there is no one to pay her outrageous bills.”

According to reports, the outlandish demands could even financially ruin the project, which also stars Antonio Banderas, unless new investors come in or the 35-year-old star tones down her requests.

Meanwhile, J.Lo has revealed is desperate to be a mother because she feels she has sacrificed too much of her life to her career.

The stunning diva says she now wants to step out of the limelight to become a “normal” woman and raise a family.

The star, who earlier this year sold her luxury Hollywood mansion for a more modest family home, confessed: “I want to be a mother more than anything. I’m realising that much of my life has gone. I have made sacrifices for my career.”
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Jennifer Lopez On Forbes Top 100 Celeb Power List

Friday, June 17th, 2005

Jennifer Lopez is #24 on the recently released list of the top 100 most powerful celebs as decided by Forbes. She was also ranked in 4 sub-categories: pay rank, web rank, press rank, & tv rank. In those categories she was #63, #6, #25, & #18 respectively. The #1 spot this year overall went to Oprah Winfrey.

Jennifer Lopez filming in Albuquerque

Friday, June 17th, 2005

ALBUQUERQUE — Lights, cameras and movie stars have taken over parts of downtown Albuquerque and Santa Fe Plaza this week as two separate movies are being filmed.
Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez was featured in a scene filmed in downtown Albuquerque yesterday. She is playing a newspaper reporter as she stars with Antonio Banderas and Kate del Castillo in the movie “Bordertown.”

Several locations around Albuquerque will be used in the movie.

Santa Fe Plaza is one of three New Mexico locations being used in the film version of the Broadway musical “Rent.”

In the film — Santa Fe is the ideal destination for a character who wants to escape the grind of New York City to open a restaurant in the City Different.

Cheers rose from the film crew yesterday after Rosario Dawson strutted through the area completing her last shot for the film.


Jen’s Hubby Marc Anthony Announces Tour

Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Salsa star MARC ANTHONY is teaming up with fellow Latin singers ALEJANDRO FERNANDEZ and CHAYANNE for a 15-city US tour this summer (05).

Anthony, husband of JENNIFER LOPEZ, believes the tour will give fans three totally different elements.

He says, “It’s a celebration of our music. It’s about passion and our language, our music.”

Pop singer Chayanne continues, “It’s a way to fuse the three genres together in one night so the audience can sing, dance and have fun.”

Fernandez notes, “(This has) never really been done in the US with Latin American singers.”

The tour will kick off in Houston, Texas, on 17 August (05).

Faux lashes making real comeback partly thanks to JLO

Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

NEWPORT BEACH — After a hiatus lasting well over a decade, the lash phenomenon really started catching on again a few years back when Jennifer Lopez attended the Grammys wearing a pair of faux lashes.

It wasn’t long before Madonna and Oprah jumped on the bandwagon and started regularly applying Shu Uemura specially made mink lashes (which are not sold at retail but would sell for something like $1,000 a pair if they did).

The short, or long, of it is that you don’t need the Material Girl’s bank account to get personalized lush, fake lashes. In January, Shu Uemura opened one of a handful of his famous Toyko Lash Bars inside Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, where there are just as many varieties of eyelashes as there are of vodka at any old bar.

But at this bar, under the bright Neiman Marcus lights, makeup artists create customized looks on an eye-by-eye basis. Based on eye shape, occasion and personal taste, the client can choose from feathery, elongated and eccentric or just something naturally beautiful.

Post-makeup, stunted eyelashes can easily be turned up a few notches, and with more than 30 styles of lashes to mull over, there is something for every eye. And the pros are not only there to apply these tricky little guys but will also gladly educate clients on how to do it themselves. But is it worth shelling out $15 to $20 for lashes and lash glue? Well, I’d say, yes, lashes really make a difference.

Jlo Among Most Powerful 20 Songbirds

Monday, June 13th, 2005

Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott are among the 20 most powerful women in music, according to Billboard magazine’s Women in Music issue. The artists were cited for their business sense, their “ability to transform their fame into a multilayered brand.” The other honorees are executive types.

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J.Lo And Her Giant Sparkler

Thursday, June 9th, 2005

People with unimaginative partners get a piece of paper to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.For the partner’s of creative types, it could be a special origami gift, or a scrapbook – but clearly none of these presents would be suitable for Jennifer Lopez.Her uber generous husband, Marc Anthony, has ditched the traditional paper gift in favour of a massive sparkly ring.

America’s Star magazine states that J.Lo and Marc never did the formal engagement thing, so he’s decided that it’s better late than never.

They quote a family friend as saying: “It sounds a little odd, but Marc and Jennifer were never really engaged – they just got married.

“So, to mark their first anniversary, Marc officially proposed, this time presenting Jennifer with an engagement ring from exclusive jeweller-to-the-stars Neil Lane.

“It’s huge, and it sparkles beyond belief. Jennifer was very excited to get it.”

The couple opted for a bit of a whirlwind marriage, tying the knot after a four-month courtship in a secret ceremony at J.Lo’s Beverly Hills mansion.

Lopez treats hubby to spree for anniversary

Thursday, June 9th, 2005

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her first wedding anniversary by treating husband Marc Anthony to a $5,000 (€4,000) shopping spree in Malibu, California.

The couple,who married in a secret ceremony on June 5 last year, visited the store Lisa Kline Men, where J.LO treated her beau to gifts including a $900 backpack, a $200 ring and a $1,200 bracelet with sapphires.

An onlooker says: “She had so much fun dressing him up. They were really laid-back, not all over each other, but just being a cute couple.”

Video: VH1’s The Fabulous Life of Jennifer & Marc

Wednesday, June 8th, 2005

The Fabulous Life of Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony – 44.8MB/WMV/21:08