SweetFace Gives Reasons Why JLO Lovelies Line Was Dropped

Both H&M and Sweetface have discontinued their plus-sized clothing lines. Here is their response as to why the lines have been ended:

H&M and Jennifer Lopez’s Sweetface Fashion LLC, brands known for style-conscious yet relatively affordable clothing, are discontinuing their plus-size lines in the United States. (H&M’s collection, called BiB for Big is Beautiful, will continue to be sold in other countries.)

“It’s absolutely not an image issue,” said Lisa Sandberg, director of communications for H&M in the United States. Her sentiment was echoed by Andy Hilfiger, president and co-founder of Sweetface, as well as representatives of the Gap, J. Crew and other companies that offer extended sizes online.

According to Hilfiger, the plus-size line “did okay.” The problem, he said, was that department stores stocked it in their plus-size departments; Hilfiger wanted it in juniors, next to the brand’s other sizes.

“A lot of designers, they’re not advertising the plus-size line,” Hilfiger said. “I wanted a girl that was a size 2 to shop with a size 13.”

Hilfiger admitted that designing for plus-size customers takes experience — a point that Lane Bryant likes to emphasize.

From The Washington Post

36 Responses to “SweetFace Gives Reasons Why JLO Lovelies Line Was Dropped”

  1. Joy1282 says:

    I admire Andy Hilfiger’s vision of a size 2 shopping from the JLO Sweetface line with a size 13, but I don’t understand why the line had to end just because that wasn’t possible. I truly am missing buying new JLO clothes for the summer. I am wondering if it really is an image issue….
    Does anyone else have any thoughts on this one?

  2. star says:

    i have no clue, i know that karl lagerfield stopped designing for H&M because of the plus sizes line, but i don’t get it, have they stopped the plus sizes for good in all the stores, or only online? well whatever it is, it’s a big blow for plus sized women the clothes jlo/sweetface produce for plus sized women look really good. if it’s not an image issue what is it? maybe the manufactor’s are having trouble making the clothes? or maybe there’s not enough money going into the plus sizes line? i don’t know but it is sad for plus sized women, summer is coming up and everyone needs to look fly no matter what there size.

  3. kgotti says:

    i think its just ridculous for them to discontinue such a great line of plus size clothing…not just because i am an avid fan of jennifer lopez and her ventures, its because her clothing fit so perfectly…some plus size lines out there are wayyyy too big for my body and her clothes were just the right size and still cute and funky which alot of plus size lines are still trying megerly to accomplish. maybe in time, theyll will start up the line again. i wonder if there is any way to give sweetface fashions any feedback..if anyone has any contact info, please let me know. thank you.

  4. courtney says:

    i do

  5. Joy1282 says:

    I’ve written E-Fashion Solutions (the company that runs the ShopJLO online store along with many others), and I also emailed SweetFace. I got a letter back from E-Fashion Solutions saying Sorry and hurry up and buy the items they have left and I still haven’t gotten a response from SweetFace. The lack of the line is going to hurt a lot of us, but I can reccomend http://www.sizeappeal.com, http://www.torrid.com, and wwww.alight.com for fashionalbe plus size clothing.

  6. carlos cervantez says:

    We need to send Jennifer Mail so that she releases more songs of her Rebirth LP,

    Jennifer Lopez
    C/0 BWR
    9100 Wilshire Blvd
    6th Floor W.
    Beverly, Hills CA 90212

    Write her and let them know what singles you want released and why? This album is too good for her to only release one more song off of.

  7. daddy's girl says:

    thsi mesed up….you gilres need to reconise word to taht

  8. marie says:

    So if it’s not an image issue and , the lines doing ok, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM???? I really hate when companies cover chit with sugar.Let’s face it, fats not the in thing and, you can charge way more selling what the “skinny” “in” people are wearing. There I said it for you.BTW I’m a 14 and I’m hot as hell. I got me a $10 pair a pants at Gallos and wore them out yesterday and even the skinny girls, boyfriends eyes {and other body parts} were popping.

  9. kgotti says:

    amen to marie!!!! that was an awsome comment!!

    🙂 and for the pants thing–good for you!!!! i bet you looked fabolous!!

    im a size 24 and im fabolous too!!

    were all fabolous!!

  10. Yvette says:

    So sad. I really liked the line, the pieces were always selling out at the SF Macy’s. It’s really too bad, cause we BBW’s deserve to look good too. I want to shout out to Kimora Lee Simmons and say thank you for keeping the Baby Phat plus line going. There’s such an untapped market out there for us plus size girls that want to wear clothes that make us feel as beatiful as we truly are, too bad J-Lo’s line can’t continue to be a part of that evolution.

  11. Foxy says:

    OMG.. IAm so pissed at JLO right now. I was so happy that as a JLO plus sized fan, I could rock some JLO gear and support my girl! Now that the Lovelies line has been dropped, should I drop her as well? Even though I wear the items I do have and buy Jlo shoes and hangbags, I am upset that this line was dropped. DAMN, just when I thought the industry has shine light on the plus sized beauty, didn’t know it was a train running us over AGAIN. Thumbs down!!!

  12. blondii555 says:

    Gap online (www.gap.com) and American Eagle online (www.ae.com) carry all their products up to size 20 and XXL. Including jeans, dress pants, shirts, underwear ect…. And there clothese are actaully made well and are classic trendy styles. Check it out.

  13. Yvette S. says:

    I was really upset to hear that the Lovelies collection was discontinuing. It should at least be offered online. I admire the way J.Lo dresses and what better than to buy clothing that comes from her line that looks damn good!!! I am disappointed. I think this issue should be reconsidered or open up a J.Lo boutique in every major city.

  14. Tye says:

    Hello, I just have a comment about the Plus Sizw JLO line. I bought some of her pants at a store in New York, and I should have known then that the brand was going to be nonexistent to me in the futyre. I am a size 22/24 and I am 5 10, and it’s hard to find stylish clothes that look good on me. I hope that SweetFace comes back, and I understand that it’s all aboit selling and numbers, but another problem was that the areas that were selling them is no where by me. I live in North Carolina, and I didn’t know that JLO had a plus size line until I went to NY so i guess I have to look elsewhere for my clothing. Lane Bryant is alright, but I notice a lot of plus size clothing is ill fitting. Thank you

  15. Gina says:

    I didn’t even know H&M had a plus-size line…and I’ve been in their stores. I’m a plus-size model, so I keep up on these things and was shocked to hear H&M did plus-size. Sounds like a case of bad advertising…which could be an image issue. Did we ever see a billboard with a plus-size girl wearing H&M clothes? NO! Did we ever see a billboard of a plus-size girl wearing JLo clothes? NO!
    I also love how Tommy Hilfiger can only imagine a size 13 as being the absolute biggest a junior’s shopper could be!! I think I wore size 13 in 5th grade! Ha!
    Point being…it IS an image issue that leads to no advertising…which leads to no more plus-size division of these clothing companies.

  16. Joy says:

    Its sad because I considered myself one of JLo’s biggest fans. I love to wear her accessories, her shoes, her handbags, and her clothes. I am a plus sized girl who would shop for her clothes both on-line and at department stores. Its sad that her plus size line is being discontinued. It definitely is an issue with image. And the reason, because at my local Macy’s the girls department (which carries JLO) is in a separate building all together from the Juniors department. I guess a 5 year old shouldn’t be seen shopping with a size 2, but a size 2 and 13 should shop together? This is ridiculous. You are losing a lot of customers and true fans because of this. My suggestion is that JLo partners up with someone else who is going to produce her plus size clothing.
    Who’s with me!!!
    Remember, just like Ms. JLo said herself, “don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got” … I am a plus sized-super fabolous-too hot too handle-georgeous woman!!!!!

  17. JOANNA says:


  18. jacey says:

    wow. i am also super mad that this line has been stopped. it is so hard to find larger-sized clothes that fit! usually when things are “plus-sized”they are cut all wrong and are too big for me, or just “not quite right” – too big in one place and too small in others. lane bryant has tried to up it’s cool-factor, but their clothes are just not cut right for me. this line was one of the one ones that fit me, and it totally sucks that they have discontinued it. being plus-sized doesn’t mean that you should have to wear ugly or unstylish clothes, or clothes that are just cut all wrong. definite thumbs down to this! hopefully someone will read these comments and realize what a mistake was made! and hopefully the gap will not stop their line (their jeans and pants usually fit well)..or i will be in TROUBLE. 🙁

  19. Kera says:

    I too am upset to hear that the plus size line has been discontinued because the average size woman is plus size so it is hard to believe that the plus size line wasn’t doing well. However the idea of both thin and plus size woman shopping together is cute, but to punish plus size woman by not making the plus size line is ludacris. Thin woman and designers of thin woman clothing are continuing to look fashionable and shop wherever they want while we(plus size woman) SUFFER!

  20. ANITRA says:

    I am so late in the game, but I didn’t know that they discontinued the plus size line for JLo. That is crap!! I’m a 27 year old size 22 female and I love Fashion!!!!! I always want the latest things, but of course they’re only in stores like Forever 21, H&M and Express. I shop at lane bryant but every big in america shops there and I hate to have the same clothes on as some other random. It totally has to do with the issue. Designers really need to get a clue and realize that us big girls are an untapped market. I myself spend about at least $600.00 on new clothes and another $150.00 on shoes… I know so many plus size ladies that can outdress Naomi Campbell! They need to get on board and see that we spend our hard earn dollars on clothes and NOT just food!!! Another designer I have a problem with is Mr. Mazzhai ( I know I totally butchered his name and for that I apologize)from Target. I love his clothes but he doesn’t make them for us. Why is that??? What doesn’t the Gap make plus size clothes either? Recently, if anyone is interested, Old Navy has launched a plus size and it available in selected stores and online, but hell I get tired of ordering online, I want to feel like a regular girl and buy my crap in a store. But I do have to say I LOVE Torrid and I drive 1 hr from my house to go shopping there with my 11 year niece who is also heavy. Maybe if we all complain about this to different designers then maybe they will do something about it.Tell all our skinny friends to shop at certain places maybe that’ll be loud enough. So check out Old Navy.com

  21. Torres says:

    J, please listen. BRING BACK PLUS!

  22. Liz says:

    I agree with Kera that Isaac Mizrahi and Gap need to remember us plus-size ladies…like sizes 2-14 or whatever have trouble finding clothes? I am a size 24/26 trying to get back to a size 18 because it’s getting so hard to find trendy, sexy clothes that fit well. I have a pair of JLO Diamond corduroy flares that are some of the best fitting pants ever! JLO PLEASE bring back the plus sizes they are sorely missed!!!

  23. chatia says:

    i’m just a big fan of j.lo. also known as herself Jennifer LOpez. i would just like to say. when is her sweetface clothes out? or has it been out already? Thank You!

  24. Grace says:

    Why?????? Why would she let this happen???
    I live in Toronto,Can And I DO not have the optionS that you girls have in the states like torrid and all those other stores that you guys mentioned. The plus size clothing stores here are for ladies 40 years and up. The clothes hide my curves and make me look old, the colours of the clothing in those stores are mainly dull pink or dull blue. This is so frustrating… I’m 21 years old,i want to wear bold colours and hip hugging jeans not some baggy crap.I know being overweight is unhealthy and it’s recommended to lose the excess weight but what happens to us big girls in the meantime? do we just have to wait until we lose weight to look attractive? do we not deserve to feel sexy in our clothes? I admired Jlo for having a plus size line…. and now i won’t even listen to her music, I’m very upset. The only thing i could thank her for would be for giving me the motivation i needed to lose all this weight so i WOULDN’T have to depend on a website EVER AGAIN!
    I hate how the media discriminates the plus sized population, we’re human, we’re still beautiful and we should not be punished for being overweight.

  25. Carmen Pedroso says:

    I can’t believe JLO stop making plus size for women.. I was so upset when i walked into Macy’s .34th in New York City and found her line of clothing was gone.. I can believe after all the beautiful cloths she designed there is nothing left. I have a lot of her clothing left, but soon they will be out dated because the’re from last year! How can you do that. Please bring JLO plus back to Macy’s.

  26. Teri says:

    It was about time that someone came out with a great clothing line for plus size women who are still young. I was amazed to hear that the JLo line was gone from Macy’s for good (which they shared with me on my 10th visit of asking). The fit and comfort were amazing and for once, the jeans were long enough for me. I’m very disappointed to hear that they are gone. Is there any thought to bringing them back or is this permanent? I’m sure I wasn’t the only one buying them.

  27. Cha-Cha says:

    I am outraged. I would consider dropping the line if the sales were lacking, but obviously this is not the case. I am truly disappointed with Jennifer Lopez beacuse she prided her line on being a place where women who have a little extra could still be fashionable and sexy. I guess she changed her mind. Really sadden about this decision.

  28. tahyra says:

    Im so upset. What we are not good enough for jlo clothing. After all the money i have spent on her clothing line and fragrance it makes me wonder about jlo.

  29. Rosi says:

    All I can say is that this is discrimination. Us chubs want to look good too and there should be different choices available to us other than lane bryant. Well forgive me if I do not have a personal cheff like all the rich stars. Not to mention, hipanics have curves that cant be compared to other races!!! jlo should be the first one to understand this and to do something about it. Excuse us if our fannys can not fit in a size zero!!! Jlo should not be Andy’s puppet. P.S cut the strings JLo!!!!!

  30. abby says:

    I can’t belive that JLO has droped the plus in her clothing line.I also thought that JLO’s plus line would of hung around for longer then that. I’m REALLY pissed off……. I thought JLO as a LATINA wolud of kept the plus line.I don’t know what to think of JLO anymore….. I’m a big fan, but with this, I don’t know if I could still be a fan……I really respected JLO for who she was,everything she has accomplished as a LATINA ….. and here I thought, the only BIG problem I had with her was, (her wearing animal FUR)…………………..NICE TO KNOW WE STILL HAVE BABY PHAT…………….

  31. Denice says:

    I think it is a “SIZE ISSUE” to be honest but anyways just to say i’ll be the next “BIG PLUS SIZE” designer someday and let me tell you when that day comes it’s going to be the shit

    peace out.

  32. Emily says:

    I think it is really rude. I am a huge j-lo fan and i love her style. She is really fashionable and it is a shame only little sticks can wear her clothes. To be honest she is latino and most of her customers are full-figured women…I think the clothes look better on a girl with curves. I hope they add the plus size line again

  33. Megan says:

    it is so perplexing that there is such a market segment for plus size clothing all over the world, yet there are no resources, especially for countires outside of america. i’m from australia, and there are no young, fashionable shops or online stores at all! on a few occasions i have ordered online clothes from torrid (love it) and alight.com- but why should myself and others have to feel so segregated? If your weight is above a certain limit it seems you don’t deserve to feel good about the way you look.

    I didn’t know that JLo had a plus-size line (being from australia where the only larger clothes available are for grandmas), and I would have definatly spent alot of my money if it was good. isn’t that the point of a business? to make money? im sure if there was the right combination of a good quality product that satisfied the customer, and a good marketing campaign, a fashion line or label could be a huge sucess. we consumers just need a chance to buy the stuff!

    its so disappointing- us women ( and men too) need someone out there in the trendy fashion industry and marketing world to say, “yes, it is ok to be you”… and that is the end of my little rant!

  34. Yolee says:

    Girl get it together, how are you going to start something and then leave it half ass done that is not like you J-lo. So why did you tease for what a year or two and decided you were cool for whatever reason,that’s not cool. Moreso, you being a Latina you know how we do, so what are the big boned girls supposed to do now?

  35. Ali says:

    Time to boycott if you ask me. Big girls spend money and big girls are fashionable. These companies should be sued for discrimination. How do you discontinue a service or product for no apparent reason at all (other than being biased). This is an out rage. What is the problem?? I know I was shelling out over $400 dollars a trip (bi monthly) at Macy’s strictly on J lo’s line. She may have lost her way because I do believe she is a latin and Latino’s emphasize encourage and embrace curves. Can you say J-lo =skinny sell out b1tch?

  36. Ali says:

    By the way the line actually fit me perfectly. For once in my life I found clothing the loved me as much as I loved it!
    Shame on J for ousting Lovlies. If you read this Ms. Lopez please recognize the distress and dissappointment of these ladies.
    Git to tha money-a saying down here in atlanta,
    obviously this is not the case with J.lo and her enterprises.

    Thats okay though maybe somebody who is not so socially inept and insensitive to plus size beauties will steal Lovelies specs and design a line that is a friend not foe for thier clientle.

    As a designer who truly hates to sew but loves the end result I say shame on you J.lo and affiliates. From here on out the brand will carry a stigma of bias and not consumer friendly.

    Come on J.lo whats your problem? Are you mad because lovelies is outselling and more popular than your junior line? Is it that lovelies was more popular than J. lo (which all of my stick thin model friends REFUSE TO WEAR) is nicer and more flattering? Come on sometimes the truth hurts but hiding it can come back and bite you in the @$$!