Upcoming TV Shows

The premiere of Fabulous Life Of: Marc and J. Lo will air on June 6th at 11AM Eastern Time on VH1 and again at 6:30PM and 10PM the same day.

Some re-runs:
Will & Grace (2nd appearance) – 6/2 NBC, 8:30PM ET
Jay Leno (4/29 appearance) – 6/2 NBC, 11:35PM ET

6 Responses to “Upcoming TV Shows”

  1. asimo says:

    hey, i wanted to ask you, that there is a 2nd appearance made by jen,
    um, janet jackson was in it as well, and jack said ‘ooh janet” or summin and jennifer turns and looks at him, thats the only bit i seen lol

    wud u guys have that?

  2. olivia says:

    jen was also on today at 1:30 on mtv or mtv2 for some prom makeover thing i missed it though

  3. sabrina says:

    please can anyone tell when they are going to do the re run of the Ellen show… I need to recorded it.. thanks,,

  4. courtney says:

    great i cant wait to see them cuz i missed the jay leno one thanks

  5. Carlos Cervantez says:

    We need to send Jennifer Mail so that she releases more songs of her Rebirth LP,

    Jennifer Lopez
    C/0 BWR
    9100 Wilshire Blvd
    6th Floor W.
    Beverly, Hills CA 90212

    Write her and let them know what singles you want released and why? This album is too good for her to only release one more song off of.

  6. nai says:

    Jennifer Lopez is an awesome actor which i adore so much. But i missed the re-run of Will & grace which is such a shame please do anither re-run.PLEASE!!!!!!