Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez:’s Beauty Icons of the Month

Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez are currently the most popular beauty icons among online women, according to The “three J’s” drew the most interest from women seeking hairstyles and makeup inspiration and ideas, according to user stats from the leading celebrity beauty and hairstyles Web site in April 2005.

Each of the three stars has recently made a major change to her appearance. Coming in at number one, Jessica Simpson’s new, shorter, shoulder-length hairstyle was by far the most popular hairdo with’s users. In second place, Jessica Alba, traditionally a longhaired brunette, now sports a sleek, chin-length, blonde bob. And, third place winner Jennifer Lopez recently cut her ultra-long hair into a shoulder-length style similar to Jessica Simpson’s and Nicole Richie’s haircuts.

“Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez represent a growing appreciation for personal style among modern women,” said’s editor in chief, Kirsten Lambertsen. “Each of these three women has her own unique look. Women today seek beauty style inspiration from celebrities who have embraced their own personal strengths rather than trying to fit into a cookie-cutter idea of what is beautiful.”

Among’s remaining Beauty Icons, fourth place went to Lindsay Lohan, and Jennifer Aniston came in fifth. Statistics were gathered from over 592,000 users and nearly seven million pageviews at in April 2005. Visitors to the site can view photos and hairstyles of over 75 different celebrities.

9 Responses to “Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez:’s Beauty Icons of the Month”

  1. courtney says:

    thats cool jennifer u rock

  2. javier says:

    Is Still Around Da New Single Of Jlo? Cuz They Were Playin It In Old Navy N In Filenes They Were Playin U Belong To Me But A Different Lady Was Singin It Did Jlo Remade Da Song….. Jus Lyke Ride Or Die? Sorry Im On The Internet Typin On My Cell Phone Das Why This Looks Like Dis…

  3. courtney says:

    it is a remake that jen done of the song um U BELONG TO ME and i dont know about the other song

  4. Lucylover1986 says:

    “Still Around” is not the new single. Jennifer has been singing “Whatever You Wanna Do” at a couple radio shows so she might make a video for it but there’s been no official word if there will be another single even released. I guess Old Navy just happened to have the song in their playlist somehow. I was in the mall last year and they played for some reason “Loving You” off the This Is Me…Then album and that wasn’t a single.

  5. zakes says:

    i really think that jennifer should release “step into my world” and she should make a killer video for it i mean a very sexy video the song has a catchy sound with eastern flevour in it so it will be good for sales

  6. onurenu says:

    yahoooooooooooooooo monster in lwa will be 3 june on turkeys cinema.yahoooo.turkish movies saying this movie is so perfect

  7. onurenu says:

    guys i thinking new single is cherry pie.couse i saw on mtv news.and jenny will sing for p.diddy.she said pie diddy.

  8. joana says:

    ypur gurls are so hot keep it up jlo jessica all you gurls am feling you jlo your so great repeciting puertorico love you

  9. Eliza says:

    I love jlo i always say dat she is my girlfrend no mtter what mistakes she has done.. because she is my idol and no the hit song is “hold You Down” but i believe that she made a great comeback bi the way she made a hit movie “monster-in-law!!!!!!