Pictures from Zootopia

Pictures from last night’s Zootopia concert can be found here.

9 Responses to “Pictures from Zootopia”

  1. ap says:

    love the pictures, what songs did she perform, and what song did she sing when shes in the floor ? can someone tell me thax

  2. Joseph says:

    Hello fans,
    I was at the concert and she tore it up. Her and Gwen were the highlights of the night. She was the first to get the party really started, she looked absolutely beautiful, and her performance was a class act. She did a medley of hits Jenny From The Block, Ain’t It Funny, Waiting for Tonight, and My Love Don’t Cost a Thing, she also did the Spring Remix of Hold You Down, Get Right, and Whatever You Wanna Do.

  3. Joseph says:

    to answer ap’s question, she was singing Whatever You Wanna Do, when she was on the floor.

  4. lorna says:

    The pictures are super beautiful.COOL

  5. claude says:

    will this performance be up on the site to download!!!!!!! i would love it if it will be!

  6. lins says:

    cool pics…..

  7. ap says:

    oh kewl thank you joseph

  8. luis says:

    this pix r very cool

  9. #1 jlo fan says:

    thats so cooooooooooooooool shes da best i will always be her fan