Monster-in-Law drops to #2

Topped by Star Wars Episode III, Monster-in-Law drops to #2 this weekend with $14.4M in ticket sales.

11 Responses to “Monster-in-Law drops to #2”

  1. star says:

    i’m not suprised, although i don’t see the fuss over star wars, but MIL is doing considerably well considering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jarekch says:

    Star Wars III is at the top of the office box now and I’m huge fan of all episodes since I was kid.
    Please allow me to say this, ” Let the Force be with you J.LO, always”, 🙂

  3. Celso says:

    I agree Star, Star Wars was just aight. I am happy that she is still on top though #1 Romantic Comedy….Jennifer is lets see what we can do bout her music career, Jennifer U NEED TO RELEASE two more singles from REBIRTH!

  4. Kevin says:

    And they Better be Whatever You Wanna do & Step Into My World!!! In that order

  5. marcus says:

    i totally agree with both. i think jen has really proven the critics wrong with monster in law. and for music and videos, i think she should release the songs in this order:
    and maybe even release CHERRY PIE and I GOT U. as long as she releases the first two and maybe even a HOLD YOU DOWN REMIX because i’ve been hearing on the radio alot!!

  6. J says:

    Jennifer Lynn Lopez will be #1 for ever.. la unica latina que se SIente ogrullosa de ser Latina BORICUA X100pre .Do ur Thing Lopez!!!!
    let them talk !!!!

  7. jarekch says:

    Hey don’t worry guys, I think that any other good movie could drop to position #2 with Star Wars, it means that MIL is a great movie and is doing very good.

  8. sarah says:

    jlo will always b numba 1 monster in law is a great movie star wars is getting old now ppl luv sarah xxx

  9. SoulSimon says:

    Its nice to see MIL on top, and i think that j.lo should release two singles but these should be:
    “Cherry Pie”
    “I got U”
    and in same order…

  10. Rachel::from Puerto Rico! says:

    It doesn’t matter.MIL is still THE best! That movie just ROCKS! JLo is amazing in it! It came out last thursday here in Puerto Rico and I saw it the day it came out and last night…and I was still laughing SO HARD at everything!

    Esa es mi JLo! De una boricua a otra,eres la mejor!Luv desde la Isla del Encanto!

  11. theresa says:

    jlo no other like her beauty -class-smart just i think all around great person you go girl
    also my son loves you like half the men in the world do