Lopez Proves Critics Wrong

JENNIFER LOPEZ is thrilled her latest movie MONSTER-IN-LAW debuted at the top of the US box office – because it proves she’s a talented actress, despite a string of flop performances.

Lopez was devastated by the critical-mauling her films GIGLI and JERSEY GIRL received, and hopes her success in director ROBERT LUKETIC’s romantic comedy proves her previous failures were caused by poor film choices, not bad acting.

She gushes, “This proves I am a good actress.”

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6 Responses to “Lopez Proves Critics Wrong”

  1. star says:

    my point exactly

  2. jarekch says:

    OOO…, I see some people started notice that.
    This is true but some how many critics and media
    were blinded with hate for some reason and
    their vicious articles ruined many things to Jennifer. She was hurt double and it happened around a year ago. The most important that she is getting better, bad media and critics, very bad.

  3. Kevin says:

    Yes im so proud of Jenny

  4. Amanda says:

    well, im going to be realistic which means this post probably wont be put on here. none of them do unless they agree with everything jlo says. anyway, i dont think this proves she is a great actress. jane fonda is in the movie. im pretty sure thats the reason why it debuted at #1. i mean, seriously. jenn would have to be completely egotistical to think that a movie with a legend such as jane went to #1 because of herself. sorry…

  5. Joshua says:

    I’m proud of you keep your head up.

  6. #1 jlo fan says:

    this is all JLO it was her that made the movie work,not jane fonda,shes a legend that a lot of people forgot about,jlo did really well in the movie it is as funny as hell and i loved it,no all jlo has to do is release 3 singles from REBIRTH:step into my world,whatever u wanna do,cherry pie(in that order0