off-topic: Practice what you preach, PETA

A new website has been launched containing content we believe is informative:

In short, PETA euthanizes homeless cats and dogs and other “companion animals” that they cannot afford to house. PETA thinks their money is better spent attacking celebrities and pimping campaigns that target impressionable young children urging them not to eat meat (“Your Mommy Kills Animals“) or drink milk (or, as PETA calls it, “pus“). PETA, get your priorities in order.

20 Responses to “off-topic: Practice what you preach, PETA”

  1. sLeazy says:

    OMG! Well Peta thingy is over for jeN! YAY!

  2. mark says:

    i’m sorry to say that PETA is so full of ..i’m an animal lover but i still eat meet and i would like wear fur but i can’t aford(i;’m only 13)and they should not get mad at jlo for wering fur
    look @ pam andersion she thinks she is hot she’s fat the only reason her are big is because she eats to much and all of the fat that should go to her stumic goes to her and j.lo is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy yer and she i just got her new cd(rebirth) and it is really good…jlo if u read this your next singles should be whatever u wanna do and cherry pie

  3. courtney says:

    i’m sorry to say that PETA is so full of ..i’m an animal lover but i still eat meet and i would like wear fur

  4. Erin says:

    WTF? im sorry, but peta is gay. Why not drink milk? im mean get over it, its not like it harms the animals. Plus, why do you think there are animals like cows on earth??? Hmm, probably so we can EAT them, not pet them LOL.
    3 words – GET OVER IT!

  5. Candy says:

    I’m so glad that they’ve exposed PETA! I signed the petition to have PETA’s tax-exempt status to be revoked. We should all sign it.
    Also, Courtney, why do you often repeat other peoples posted comments. That’s kind of weird.

  6. L says:

    I think PETA is a positive orginization and dead animals are not attractive on someone. JLo should be comfortable enough in her own skin to not have to borrow from poor animals. She would be much hotter without the fur… period.

  7. ap says:

    L, whats it to u if jen wants to wear fur who cares she looks good, its funny that people get mad that she wears fur lol well am out peace

  8. babygigolo_go says:

    I posted all this information 3 months ago, before this website, and this website wouldn’t even put up my post, but now that there’s a website, it’s now a big deal??? None of this is secret, and any of PETA’s documents can be obtained, including putting terrorists & bombers on their payroll & receits from the giant freezers or meatlockers they purchase to kill the animals they take in buy freezing them 2 death. Mmmm…But I guess that information was of no interest until now.

  9. babygigolo_go says:

    Well, I take it back, they did put up last post, so I apologize. And as 4 “Candy”, Jen does not have answer to PETA, they are not the LAW, and she is breaking no laws, therefore it is her constitutional right to wear a opposum as muff if she so chooses to. And if u think they’re a POSITIVE organization, then ur about as illinformed as Alicica Silverstone or Pamela “Chickwings” Anderson.

  10. Meshyell says:

    Hmm…well when it comes to euthenizing animals, PETA has no choice. This happens all the time and is a humane way of doing things. If people could spay and neuter their pets more often, this problem would be cut down. Now I believe in eating meat and drinking milk and everything else. My problem is the way the animals are slaughtered. There are some humane ways of doing it, and then there are the inhumane ways of doing it. I’m against fur because of the way these defenseless animals are killed. I saw footage of a man skinning a minx alive then throwing it aside. But he skinned it while it was ALIVE!!! I don’t even want to think about how that felt. Then the minx just laid on the floor taking short breaths. I’m sorry J.Lo, but if looking “good” means that thousands of animals have to suffer in the process, than I believe that it’s definately not worth it.

  11. Candy says:

    Babygigolo, I think you confused my post with “L”. She/He is the one that made the comment about PETA being a “positive organization”. Please re-read my previous post and you’ll see that I agree with everything you wrote. I think that PETA is a fraud and they need to stop promoting terrorists!

  12. jarekch says:

    Pammy, domestic terrorism supporter, LOL.
    We are at war with terror to protect our freedom and our way of life, our best people dying during fight and band of scum like that is on the loose, it is ridiculous.

  13. babygigolo_go says:

    Sorry, my bad;)Also 4 those interested, the Showtime series “Penn & Teller Bullshit!” did a featured episode on PETA, and really laid into them. There’s sUm interesting stuff in there. I’d upload if I had, but I can’t find it. But if anyone has WinMx u can prolly find it there.

  14. Lucy_Lo says:

    Look, I don’t like PETA or anything, but the organization who put up that bilboard in time sqare is even worse! They get their money from huge corporations and are basically just paid to attack PETA. They even attacked Mothers Against Drunk Driving! PETA can’t afford bilboards in Time Square, only big businesses can. What is PETA supposed to do with sick and dying animals? They can only take in so many.

    Have you guys watched that video at It’s the sickest think I’ve ever seen!! I love J Lo, but PETA has a point, I have to say.

  15. jarekch says:

    I see that my two comments wasn’t posted, neah it’s OK, I guess it was to harsh. Peta must change their methods big time to more peaceful and educated, if they want to achieve something. picking on Jennifer Lopez and other people, causing terror, harassment and breaking the law will not change anything, it will become worst against peta and their sponsors. Leave J.LO, other celebrities and kids alone!

  16. jarekch says:

    AAAA…..CHOOOOO! Oh excuse me. I’m allergic to BS. In my opinion they didn’t put in sleep only sick animals, they just got rid off overstock, and second if they did so they should have certified veterinarians to do it and files
    on every single animal explaining, why? what cause, etc. If they will be called before Senate to explain their actions, they will have to prove many things to defend them selves, if we
    want to talk about animals rights. LOL.

  17. CzarCastic says:

    Who are you kidding? PETA has more than enough funds to put a billboard in Times Square. You honestly don’t think they print out all these posters and stickers, wasting tons of trees, with no money in their pockets?

  18. babygigolo_go says:

    PETA has thousands of members, including impressionable celebrities with big checkbooks, and coming up with funds is no problem when u can convince gullible people that they’re really helping animals, not PETA, by donating large sums of cash. And I can guarantee u their chairwoman is nothing short of being a millionaire, not to mention their millionaire members; therefore “poor” lil’ PETA has no problems renting out billboards, full page ads, or whatever it takes to tarnish someone’s name as a publicity stunt, which also helps their income, because it makes others think that celebrities like J.Lo are evil “divas” slaughtering animals 4 profit and therefore they automatically side with PETA. And the notion that PETA is some small, underfunded organization and are by being bullied by J.Lo & her people is ridiculous, because they’re going out and using character assassination to ruin someone’s career, which they openly admitted that they were doing if she didn’t side with them; that would be bullying. Almost all other celebrities, excluding Ted Nugent, have given in to PETA, but the bottom line is nobody has to answer to them. They usually do because it’s politically correct, and celebrities usually respond through their publicists without defending themselves. Most celebrities get on my nerves because they’re obsessed with looking for more & more ways to make money and they talk fluff & gibberish and whatever, but so does PETA. And I don’t think they have the right to threaten someone’s career and manipulate the media, but they do. And J.Lo has the right to wear whatever she wants just as long as it’s legal. I think it’s time people stopped being politically correct & jumping on trendy bandwagons, which is, let’s face it, exactly what PETA is. They are no more helpful and beneficial to animals than Madonna is religion, trying to convert every person she meets to Kabbalah because it’s trendy. People can sound smarter than they really are when u march around carrying posters and pig’s guts around your neck, rallying 4 a cause that is completely implausable, which is no pets, no steak, no zoos, and all animals are free to roam wherever they like. People will take up any cause just so long as it’s gets them exposure, even if it means using death threats, bombs, and intimidation. They’re preaching animal rights by having no respect 4 human rights, nor human life.

  19. Kayla says:

    Sorry they can’t make excuses for this one, no they have to or nothing. I never knew their were so many people who were feed up with PETA. PETA is better an idea, kind of like if you are a christian and you have a friend who isn’t you pratice what you preach as best you can and you hope they follow you but you don’t make them feel bad about being themself. PETA attacks people they are radicalist and crazy. There main spokesperson is killing humans, Ron Jeremy and Ms. Anderson should be promoting condoms, which is the plan of PETA to kill us all. PETA needs to question its morals. Anyway all that crap they print out, they are killing the rain forrest and when I can’t breathe because there aren’t any trees around, I’ll know who to thank. Thank You PETA for trying to kill me.

  20. Anon says:

    I’m a vegetarian and I’m against wearing fur, however I don’t support PETA and other animal rights extremist groups which they have been linked to. I don’t think that it is fair for people to put all animal rights supporters in one category, there are many supporters of animal rights who are non-violent and perfectly reasonable about their beliefs, groups like W.S.P.A (world society for the protection of animals) for example. So I suggest that next time you do your research before attacking all animal rights supporters.