J.Lo Slams Copycats

JENNIFER LOPEZ has hit out at TV shows that makeover members of the public to look like her.

One of the latest trends of reality shows takes fans of celebrities and gives them cosmetic surgery and style makeovers so they resemble their heroes.

But J.Lo finds the phenomenon creepy.

She says, “I saw one recently and thought, ‘Get your own look.'”

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9 Responses to “J.Lo Slams Copycats”

  1. courtney says:

    *~*~*J.LO SLAMS COPYCATS*~*~*
    I dont think it right to go out and try to look like someone u are not i mean you should be happy with the way you look i mean well thats just me

  2. Erin says:

    i can understand that people dont like the way they are(b/c i am like that) but i would NEVER try to look like someone else, just improve myself…

  3. Lucylover1986 says:

    Yeah, the one episode of MTV’s “I Want A Famous Face” had some guy who was changing to be a woman wanna look like J. Lo. And at the end he didn’t look like her at all, lol.

  4. star says:

    i remember watching, wow what a waste of money, time and pain. he became infected afterwards right?

  5. jarekch says:

    Of course it’s creepy, “Get your own look!”

  6. argonaut says:

    I think Jennifer needs to take her own advice and stop copying others. She needs to drop the faux ‘Brigite Bardot’ look, or be labelled a hypocrite. Honestly…”Get your own look!”

  7. andrea says:

    Yeah, i saw that episode and he dint look anything like her…people need to think before they act seriously…because wanting to look like someone and taking it into extreame by surgery is so ignorant…be ur own person!!!

  8. Diana says:

    J.lo is very pretty, extremely hot i dont think she has to worry about beyonce stealing her look and her stylist, i mean whatever j.lo wear will be beautiful why because her beauty is natural ,beyonce,ciara “which i think is a tranny”
    ashanti are just wanna bees so keep doing what your doing because the hating isnt going to stop anyway

  9. jose says:

    i love jlo and i like beyonce but i think in here last videos beyonce has been showing alot of booty i mean i think she has a hot ass but i still think jlo has a much better body.