Billboard Charts Update

Billboard 200 Album Chart

This week, Jennifer Lopez’s “Rebirth” falls 13 spots from #78 to #91 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

10 Responses to “Billboard Charts Update”

  1. courtney says:

    omg why does such a great album fall so far down

  2. ap says:

    courtney, maybe cause its not being promoted as it should, but maybe the 3rd single will help lets keep our fingers cross am out peace

  3. Jenny says:

    It falls coz WE, THE FANS DO NOT VOTE!!! Xtina Aguilera fans vote like crazy and J.Lo fans are ALL GONE! We just HOPE that she will be on top, but she won’t, coz hope is not enough to launch her !!!

  4. Gripen says:

    And where shall we vote? Just tell me WHERE and I will vote as much as I can!

  5. sana says:

    its not about voting dude…its about how the album sells

  6. marcus says:

    i think everyone is sick of jennifer because she is always being talked about. whether she is in the tabloids or on tv. honestly, i think jennifer should take a break from the media for about 2 to 4 years, no music…no movies…and come back…refreshed and have a real rebirth!

  7. onur says:

    oh my god oh my god.its so bad im crying.i wish monster in law will be good

  8. Jenny says:

    TRL, Hello magazine, all the radio requests that BOTH “Get Right” and “Hold you Down” neded and never got, so they FLOPPED, tho they rock! There are MILLIONS of sites where you can vote! In every J.LO forum, being updated and visited, there are “VOTE FOR JEN” topics where you can get the actual links IF you’re interested! THAT’S where u can vote 😉

  9. zakes says:

    i don’t think jennifer needs to take a break i think now more than ever she needs more public attention and tabloid attention lets not forget she has sweetface to promote and sweetface is all about her style so if she takes a break for 2-4 years she might as well kiss hollywood goodbye. i think next year she has to present her spring collection and in order for that to be a hit like the fall collection 2005 she must be on the public eye so she could get alot of attetntion(fashionwise). lets not forget sweetface and her fragrances they are the ones that bring in alot of money for her so taking a break is out of the for the album i think if she release “step into my world” and make a hot sexy video for it the album might pickup interms of sales

  10. jujh says:

    how much has rebirth sold